Isuzu is sending 3 models that shake up the market at the end of the year. Customize the exterior and interior design Additional security system and ready to sell.

Tri Petch Group by Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co, Ltd continues the launch of all lines, led by Isuzu D-Max, which comes with an intelligent safety system ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) with a dual front camera Stereo 3D Imaging There is a camera “Isuzu X-Series” adds a premium sports racing look with a new gray color, Islay Gray Opaque, and a new premium multi-purpose vehicle with a new design, “The New MU-X, responding to a luxury lifestyle. Take the design to the next level with new colors! Glacier Blue Mica and new Smart Tailgate with Step Sensor, plus all the utilities Ready for the sales season at the end of this year

Takashi Hata
Tri Petch Group by Takashi Hata, Managing Director of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd. revealed, “Isuzu would like to thank Thai customers for always giving good response to Isuzu vehicles. We really consider and want to meet all the needs of Thai car users. In addition to a new exterior and interior design change Isuzu is also focusing on driving safety systems with the new “Isuzu D-Max” which comes with technology for ADAS safety systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and a first in the pickup truck industry in Thailand. with an innovative dual front camera 3D Imaging Stereo Camera that acts as a pair of intelligent eyes It can clearly detect objects in front of you in real time. and more accurate than a single front camera system (Mono Camera) with 2 radar points and 8 sensors around the car, changing every adventure route Being a safety route that Isuzu users will be most confident in

There is also a new “Isuzu X-Series”, a cool premium sports racing pickup. The latest excitement Typically with new designs, the SPEED and HI-LANDER models come with new colours! Islay Gray Opaque

Including a new luxury multi-purpose vehicle “The New MU-X”, a new design with a new color! Glacier Blue Mica is packed with safety technology. More comfortable with new! Smart Gate with Step Sensor. Enjoy a variety of lifestyles combined with luxurious versatility.”

Technology for intelligent safety ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) that brings an innovative dual front camera 3D Imaging Stereo Camera for the first time in the pick-up truck industry in Thailand Provides accuracy and confidence while acting as a pair of sharp eyes. Detecting objects in front of you in Real Time more clearly and more accurately, with 2 radar points and 8 sensors around the car that Isuzu has designed for all security systems to work together as one. Confident when travelling, such as the ACC variable speed automatic control system with Stop & Go function (Full Speed ​​Range Adaptive Cruise Control), the system will control the speed to be constant. And it will help control the speed to automatically maintain a safe distance until the car in front has stopped. It also includes Forestry Commission Wales automatic emergency braking (Forward Collision Warning) and AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), which detects obstacles ahead from twin front cameras. and warnings when obstacles are too close to the risk of accidents And it will brake automatically if the driver has not pressed the brakes after the warning signal. ADAS intelligent safety technology can reduce accidents by up to 50% (data from the National Safety Council. US driver assistance systems (The National Safety Council, USA) can reduce accidents. by the frontal collision warning system with automatic emergency braking system Forward Collision Warning with Autobrake reduces rear end collision by 50%)

Isuzu D-Max Comes with an innovative dual front camera Stereo Camera 3D Imaging in pickup trucks “New! Isuzu V-Cross 4×4″ and “New! Isuzu D-Max Highlander, 4-door model, M grade

Isuzu V-Cross 4×4 Off-road sports pickup, strong performance, aggressive, powerful, full off-road, elegant from outside to inside.

– fierce, cool, strong, powerful design with Front Bumper Guard, two-tone color, with gray and black decorations around the car On the side mirrors, there are roof rails, door handles, side steps, tailgate openers, Fender Lip and Robust Extender adds ferocity and power in every dimension of the car.
– Powerful, save fuel ready to go anywhere With Isuzu 3.0 Ddi Blue Power engine, model 4JJ3-TCX, maximum power 190 horsepower at 3,600 rev / min, maximum torque 450 Newton – meter at 1600-2,600 rev / min
– Terrain Control system, a switch to change the drive from 2 wheels to 4 wheels, works quickly, precisely, chooses to match all road conditions, 2H / 4H and 4L, with water fording capability up to 800 mm.
– Electronic Diff-Lock System that controls operation with electricity Helps to lock the differential so that the engine sends power to the left and right rear wheels equally to pass obstacles easily.
– Tough undercarriage Superior road grip with body structure and platform “ISUZU DYNAMIC DRIVE PLATFORM” wheelbase dimensions and the front and rear wheels for balance when driving while the car is empty and heavy loading

Isuzu D-Max Highlander 4 door model Top Class Pickup

– Double Dimension front grill, two-tone design, Chrome and Dark Gray Metallic, with dark tone design tail lights, full of sporty mood and Integrated Bumper, beautiful design, works as one with the car
– 18-inch alloy wheels, robust and new Radius design! 17-inch alloy wheels, Aeroscrew design, super cool, luxurious sports in every dimension
– Luxurious interior with Piano Black and Satin Chrome, front console design with Sharp Horizontal Layers, playing evenly with the door panels With a seat design that embraces the COOL MAX technology to help reduce heat build-up and front seat with AVEC technology to absorb vibration. reduce fatigue
– Ultimate fuel economy with Isuzu 1.9 Ddi Blue Power Gen 2 engine, model RZ4E-TC, maximum power 150 horsepower at 3,600 rev / min, maximum torque 350 Newton – meter at 1,800-2,600 rev / min and Isuzu 3.0 DDI engine Blue Power, model 4JJ3-TCX , maximum power 190 horsepower at 3,600 rev / min, maximum torque 450 Newton – meter at 1.600 – 2,600 rev / min

Isuzu D-MAX CAB 4″ and “ISUZU D-MAX SPACECAB” S-DA grade meets value with superior options.

– new! 7-inch infotainment display touch screen, Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay support, HD clarity, easy to use, with rear view camera when reversing

Isuzu X Series Notable with a new look in the SPEED and HI-LANDER models.

– new! Islay Gray Opaque is the ultimate achievement. Awaken all driving moods
– new! Kevlar front skirt Comes with a set of decorations around the car, excellent, impressive, achieving the sporty mood in the SPEED and new models! front bumper skirt Cool design with front grill Gives a premium sporty feel to the HI-LANDER model.
– new! Sticker for front and back Cool, unique, sharp, with the X symbol on the front.
– new! Two-tone, black and red, sporty, snug fit seat design, with the cool red X symbol on the front seats in the SPEED and new models! The seat is designed in a sporty shape, comfortable to sit with, comes with COOLMAX technology to help reduce heat build-up and the X symbol is embroidered with cool red thread on the front seats in the HI-LANDER model.
– new! 17-inch alloy wheels, Aeroscrew design, super cool, luxurious sports in every dimension in the HI-LANDER 2-door model
– full power With the power of the engine Isuzu 1.9 DDI Blue Power Gen 2, model RZ4E-TC, maximum power 150 horsepower at 3,600 rev / min, maximum torque 350 Newton – meter at 1,800-2,600 rev / min.

The New MU-X A car that is ready to respond to a new way of life. Setting new design milestones. convenience Intelligent safety technology and driving sensations that are completely different from any SUV you’ve ever experienced.

– new! Glacier Blue Mica, exceptional luxury, dark, full of sporty mood.
– new! Black Chrome front grill with body kit in Magnetite Gray color around the car, perfect match
– new! Signature Winglet style LED taillights sport 3D levels, sporty mood, dark gray tones.
– new! Dynamic Rotor Blade alloy wheels, Magnetite Grey, brushed, size 20 inch and new! 17-inch Aeroscrew alloy wheels
– new! Inside the tone of Macchiato Brown, soft moods, deep brown, gray and dark brown. Add a sense of luxury with Piano Black and Chrome materials, and the seat hugs the body more comfortably. with COOLMAX technology to reduce heat build-up
– new! Open-close Smart Tailgate with electric system Works with the Step Sensor system.

In addition, the new MU-X comes with safety technology ISUZU MATRIX SAFETY INFO, premium version of the car, superior with ADAS driver assistance system with dual front cameras, 3D Imaging Stereo Camera with 2 radar points and 8 sensors of around the vehicle

Come and meet MAGIC EYEs “Isuzu D-Max” and “Isuzu X-Series” from October 14 and “The New MU-X” from November 1 at Isuzu showrooms nationwide. or follow more Isuzu news at or LINE: @isuzuthai

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