It is reported that the government plans to send 500,000 air tickets to attract tourists after the launch of “0+0” (12:37) – 20220930 – Quick Financial News

The column quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that after the government implemented “3 + 4” last month or “0 + 3” last Friday, tourists visiting Hong Kong in “rigid demand” basically, which will not affect their decision. According to the government’s internal assessment, when “0 + 0” is implemented, that is, when Hong Kong is fully opened to the world, 500,000 air tickets will be used to attract some passengers which may or may not come, in order to get the most benefits.

The column also mentioned that the government and the HKTB have already started preparing for the global promotional activities after the “0+0”.

Airline stocks were down across the board.Air China(0753)It closed at 5.98 yuan, down 2.29%; China Southern Airlines(1055)It closed at 4.12 yuan, down 0.48%; China Eastern Airlines(0670)It closed at 2.68 yuan, up 0.37%; Cathay Pacific(0293)It closed at 8.19 yuan, down 1.8%.

other reports

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