Italian actor and model Giulio Berruti joins the cast of “Girls from Dubai”. Will it be competition for Michele Morrone? (PICTURES)

Film 365 days based on a novel Lipinska Blanka aroused considerable interest all over the world. It was thanks to the screening of the popular erotica Blania was promoted to the first league of Polish show business, but it was not without extreme opinions about the “work” itself. Even a prestigious magazine has tempted to critically review the film Variety.

Since I was delighted Blanka Lipińska she began to draw handfuls of her international “success”, the following publicity-hungry creators are trying to follow in their footsteps, who they are not afraid to take on controversial topics. In January next year, another loud Polish film is to be premiered, Dubai girlswhose task is to faithfully reproduce the realities of the so-called “Dubai scandal”.


Star of the film by Blanka Lipińska: “I feel at home in Poland”

We already know that work on production is in full swing, and the cast includes Paulina Gałązka, Katarzyna Figura, Olga Kalicka or Katarzyna Sawczuk. Now we learn in turn that the creators decided to “be inspired” by the film by Blanka Lipińska and invite to cooperation Italian actor and model. Giulio Berrutibecause we are talking about him, he is to be portrayed in the film as a ruthless man with Arab roots.

Berruti’s participation in Girls from Dubai obviously aroused a lot of interest from fans. However, comparisons have proved unavoidable and many Internet users have already started to compare the Italian with the actor from the movie 365 days. Michele Morrone he appeared in the film adaptation of Blanka Lipińska’s novel a few months ago and since then he even managed to get a campaign for the famous fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.


Do you think Giulio Berruti will soon repeat his success?


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