Italy: Meloni’s far-right coalition to power | Giorgia Meloni

Rome ∙ After Sweden, anti-immigration parties and far-right votes come to power in Italy. In Sunday’s parliamentary elections, the far-right coalition led by the Brothers of Italy led by Giorgia Meloni (45) is tipped to form a government. With this, Meloni will become the first female Prime Minister of Italy. No final result. Meloni will lead Italy’s first right-wing government since World War II.

The Italian Brothers received more than 26 percent of the vote. In the last election it was only 2%. Former prime minister of the allies Silvio Berlusconi (89) won Forza Italia 8% of the vote and the League party 9%. Berlusconi, who was expelled in a corruption case 9 years ago, returns to parliament with a good majority.

The new government will come into force in the first week of October. Mario Draghi will remain caretaker prime minister. The far-right coalition came to power in Sweden in the elections held this month, defeating the left-wing coalition.

16 women to lead in Europe

If Meloni becomes prime minister, the number of women in power in Europe will rise to 16. Sweden’s Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersen, resigned this month after losing an election. Currently, there are 9 female prime ministers and 6 female presidents in Europe.

English Summary: Italy is about to have its first woman prime minister; Giorgia Meloni wins big in opinion polls

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