ITNS plans to IPO 70 million shares with Greeshoe 10 million shares – trade in May this year, showing the first 6 months year 65, sweeping income of 176,050,000 baht, profit of 22,230,000 baht.

“International Network System” or ITNS continues to IPO 70 million shares and 10 million shares of Greenshoe, ready to be listed on fault within 4Q22, showing results for the first 6 months of the year 65 revenue of 176.05 million baht, profit reaches 22.23 million baht, hoping to build a new high on the side of Big Boss “Somchai Uamkrathum”, noting that it is an important step in business expansion Prepare to use the profit to build on the opportunity for growth. Expand the rental business to improve recurring income for strong growth

Mr. Somchai Uamkrathum, CEO of International Network Systems Public Company Limited (ITNS), which operates an information and communication technology business. He is the designer and installer of a network system and a complete communication system (System Integrator) revealed that the Company plans to raise money on the Market for Alternative Investment (May), the technology industry group. 70 million shares will be offered for sale to the public (IPO) within Q4/22 at a par value (par) of 1 baht, which is equivalent to 31.82% of the total number of ordinary shares and issued and paid.

For the Company’s operating results in 2019 – 2021 and the first 6 months of 2022, the Company has total revenue of 282.63 million baht, 375.39 million baht, 370.95 million baht and 176.05 million baht, respectively, with the main income of selling equipment. and providing installation services Accounts for an average of approximately 72.64% – 77.74% of total revenue and revenue from maintenance services and after-sales system maintenance. It accounted for an average of approximately 18.44 – 24.91 percent of total revenue, while the rest was revenue from equipment rental. Accounting for an average share of around 1.30 – 8.01 per cent of total income.

For the net profit in 2019 – 2021 and the first 6 months, totaled 21.25 million baht, 28.83 million baht, 32.59 million baht and 22.23 million baht, respectively, representing a net profit margin of 7.52%, 7.68 %, 8.78% and 12. This is mainly due to higher revenue growth. along with the ability to effectively manage costs and distribution and management costs As a result, profitability has increased.

Currently, backlogs await revenue recognition (Backlog) totaling 523 million baht and expects to recognize revenue in the second half of 2022 at 370 million baht, leading the company to expect 2022 .He will be able to create a portfolio from both incomes. and profit growth to a new record high since the company was founded

ITNS business is divided into 3 types as follows: (1) Business that sells and designs and installs equipment related to information technology systems. and communication (2) equipment repair and maintenance service business; and (3) equipment rental business.

The CEO of ITNS also said that the Company is fully prepared for listing on the Market for Alternative Investments (May), which is an important step in business expansion. continuously increase the opportunities for future growth especially future investment projects Expansion of equipment rental business to generate recurring income including working capital to strengthen financial Furthermore, this raises funds It is also an opportunity for investors and the public to participate in building on the success of ITNS.

Mr. Rattachai Thirathanawat, Co-CEO of Investment Banking – Capital Market Division, Dao Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, as financial advisor to International Network System Public Company Limited (ITNS), said that ITNS has submitted a proposal for the sale of shares newly announced ordinary shares to the initial public offering (IPO) of 70,000,000 shares and 10,000,000 shares of Greenshoe, the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has begun to count one of the information that offers to Sell securities and ITNS draft prospectus successful.

ITNS business is excellent, which is a comprehensive information technology service. with efficient products and services A team of quality and industry expertise with almost 20 years of experience and provides maintenance services that cover the scope of work and time required by customers. It has been recognized by customers in the country. ITNS is also a Gold Certified Partner of Cisco, a large company that manufactures and distributes network hardware and advanced technology.

Business trends in the technology industry Still growing strongly have an interesting future Due to the current global trend related to communication through the application of more modern technology. Also, if there are any changes or upgrades in technology It is also good for the company. In addition, ITNS has no interest bearing debt. At the end of Q2/22, the company’s D/E was 0.56 times, in mainly trade accounts payable. After raising this money we believe that ITNS will be able to grow strongly. Because the business is in megatrends,” said Mr Rattchai at last.

Source: IR network

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