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It’s not foldable… A display that stretches when you remove it?

During Intel Innovation 2022, an Intel event held a few days ago, Intel announced information about the 13th generation Intel Core processor as well as the Arc A GPU series graphics card. Also, at this event, a display prototype product that gives a futuristic feel drew attention. It is a product that can extend the screen to the left and right, introduced with Samsung Play.

Samsung Display has already put flexible AMOLED displays to practical use as foldable smartphones that can be folded and unfolded. This time, we introduced a product that can be folded from side to side and then unfolded. It will still take some time for products such as mobile monitors or tablets to become popular in the future, but it is enough to attract attention in terms of portability and efficiency when working.

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Reporter Lee Won-young

After serving as editor of a monthly computer magazine, he worked at Danawa, a price comparison shopping center, and worked extensively on Internet business planning. Currently, he directly operates Sangsang Workshop (, which produces and sells handmade mouse pads by applying analog sensibility to digital IT. At the same time, he is also active as a columnist with the desire to enjoy new encounters between IT and technology.

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