“It’s too amazing and stunned” “It’s not a supernatural work anymore” 160 km fastball in two with Iai breaking … Impact of 9 million plays master video: J-CAST News[arddangosfa testun llawn]

A video of him slashing a 160-kilometer fastball fired from a pitching machine with “Iai-giri,” in which he quickly unsheaths a Japanese sword from his planter, has had more than 9.15 million views on Twitter.

In the post, there were comments like, “Even though it’s hard to hit, it’s already supernatural to break!” I spoke to the author.

  • From a tweet by Yuetsu Suzuki (@yuetu_karate)

  • From a tweet by Yuetsu Suzuki (@yuetu_karate)

“The old man breaks a 160 kg ball”

What has become a hot topic is a post on September 24, 2022 by Yuetsu Suzuki (@yuetu_karate), a Twitter user who often attracts attention for his videos of Iai-giri. In your post,

“The old man breaks a 160 kg ball”

I attached a video taken at the batting centre.

Mr. Suzuki, wearing a uniform, leans forward and looks at the pitching machine, smashing the ball that flies at a speed that cannot be seen. The second ball moves slowly, and you can clearly see how he pulls the sword from his waist with his right hand and pulls the scabbard back with his left hand.

The video has been viewed approximately 9.15 million times on the 27th. The post gathered more than 79,000 retweets and more than 366,000 “likes”, and he said, “It’s just too amazing and I can’t help but be amazed”, “? Reality?” Yai is too fast,” and praised voices, saying, “Although it is hard to hit, it is already supernatural to break!”

The poster, Mr Suzuki, interviewed J-CAST News on the 26th.

The tips for success that I mentioned on the program…

The same program that celebrities challenge to reproduce videos has become a hot topic with advanced technology.

In that episode, the challenge was to break a ball with a speed of 160 km in two with Iai-giri within three fields. Help odd hi.

Mr Suzuki appeared on the program as a “supernatural commentator” from the point of view of the Iai-giri master, and gave technical guidance to the three people for a week. Here are some tips for success:

“How to use your left hand. This is called drawing a sheath. How to draw it out quickly, that’s how to use your left hand.” “Don’t think about anything.”

As a result of the challenge, Mr Takagishi, who is known for his high physical ability, succeeded brilliantly with the third ball. Mr Suzuki also praised with a smile, “No, it’s amazing! Congratulations! It was good.”

According to an interview with Mr Suzuki, the previous video shown on Twitter is a scene showing a model during a series of instructions. Mr noticed Suzuki himself on 3 balls from the start, and continued to break from the 4th ball, and broke a total of about 50 balls. He was 64 at the time.

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