Home Entertainment Jason Alexander still has “love” for Britney Spears – Aug 24, 2020

Jason Alexander still has “love” for Britney Spears – Aug 24, 2020

Asked if he wanted to get back together with Britney, Jason replied, “Oh, yes, definitely. If they gave us an honest chance, you know? And she really wanted it. I would try.”

“I have love for her, for sure. But, you know, I had to move on, so it’s kind of like one of those things.”

Jason and Britney’s marriage was canceled following a court petition saying he “did not understand his actions”.

However, Jason is now eager to re-enter Britney’s life “one way or another”.

She also expressed her support for the pop star in connection with her custody fight, with the singer recently asking a court not to return her father to the role.

He told Us Weekly: “I would love to get back into his life one way or another, but this protection is preventing that from happening.

“We were never given a chance the first time. If there are still feelings, maybe we see where they go but they don’t – you know it’s about her.”

The chart-topping singer has been dating Sam Asghari since 2016 and Jason thinks he’s been “given a great opportunity to get involved with Britney.”

He said: “I don’t know him. He looks like he’s in good shape, but I’m in good shape too, so bravos to him.

“He’s much younger than me. He’s been given a great opportunity to get involved with Britney and she has some kind of feelings for him, I guess.”



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