Jayasurya starrer Eesho Movie Malayalam Review & Rating

Jayasurya starrer Eesho Malayalam Movie Review & Rating: Nadirsha directed ‘Eesho’ starring Jayasurya has started streaming on Sony Live. Eso is only three and a quarter hours long, with very few characters coming and going. Jesus’ is not the plot of a novel. Even in the recent past, similar themed stories have come out in Malayalam, so Iso cannot claim any story freshness.

Ramachandran Pillai (Jaffar Idukki) works as a security guard at an ATM. Pillai becomes the main witness in a POCSO case while living with his house, his family and his suffering. As Pillai prepares to testify against the high-ranking accused, he sees tears in his enemy’s eyes. A stranger enters Pillai’s life the day before he appears in court to record his statement. Foe or friend? What is its purpose? The forward movement of the story is in pursuit of these questions.

Jafar Idukki and Jayasuriya’s performance drives the film forward without being boring. Iso Jayasuriya is a character that makes one feel confused whether he is a villain or a hero. But the script, which proceeds in a predictable manner, mitigates the mystery behind the character. Yesho is not an actor-challenging character in Jayasuriya, but Jayasuriya has played his character with aplomb.

Another notable performance is from Jaffer Idukki. Jafar Idukki has portrayed the character of innocence, determination and fear of a common man with excellence. Suresh Krishna, Namitha Pramod, Johnny Antony, Indrans, Yadu Krishnan, Akshara Kishore, Kottayam Naseer, Rajith Kumar and Arun Narayanan are the other actors in the film.

The plot of the film is very predictable. Therefore, the film fails to do full justice to the thriller genre. The script of Eesho is written by Suneesh Waranad. There is no doubt that this film, which deals with the POSCO case and child abuse, will easily connect emotionally with fathers and mothers with daughters. The film is aimed at the family audience. Jesus says the same emotional, vindictive phrase, ‘When justice is not done, you will be a fire.’ The film is reminiscent of Walayar torture.

Director Nadirsha’s production excels even when the novel’s story and predictable script lead to boredom. Robbie Raj Varghese is the cinematographer of the film. All the night scenes are beautifully shot by Robbie. Rahul Raj’s background score is also superb.

In a word, Yesho is an average viewing experience in terms of acting and making. An OTT film in every sense.

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