JC Hyun On Biz, 1S Player OneX Meta Deck Special Event to Celebrate Hangeul Day

JC Hyun On Biz (CEO Young-Jin Cho) is holding a special event to celebrate Hangeul Day on October 9th to celebrate the Hangeul Day of OneX Player 1S Meta Deck.

JC Hyun On Biz prepared this event so that more customers can enjoy Meta Deck 1X Player 1S in their daily life to celebrate Hangeul Day.

The main content of the event is the accumulation of Naver points and the gift of exclusive accessories. If you buy OneXPlayer 1S Meta Deck during the event period, Naver Pay points will be accumulated immediately, and additional points will be accumulated when writing reviews.

The gift is a magnetic keyboard with Hangul engraved on it and a custom case. Also, you can buy Linkin umpc multi-hub and OneX Player 1s special tempered glass film at a discount price of 46%.

Detailed information about the ONE X PLAYER 1S meta deck can be found on the JC Hyun On Biz official website, and this event will be held through the Naver Smart Store of JC Hyun On Biz until the 11th of this month.

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