“Jenny V’s private life leaker won’t be caught” Famous hackers and IT experts ‘disappointed’

Blackpink Jennie and BTS V. © News1 DB

While YG Entertainment revealed that it had commissioned a police investigation into the person who first distributed Jennie’s personal photos, experts predicted that the likelihood of arresting the culprit was very low.

On the 3rd, Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment journalist and YouTuber, said, “After checking with famous domestic white hackers and IT experts on the question of whether they could catch the first distributor of Jennie’s picture, a rather doubtful answer came back. . “

The reason is that the hacker used ‘Twitter’ and ‘Telegram’ as a way to drop pictures. In particular, hackers have been continuously leaking photos through Telegram, which is famous for not revealing user information. In the case of Room N, Telegram did not hand over the data despite the domestic investigation agency’s request.

Lee Jin-ho said, “There are people who think that it is not possible to request data because Jenny is a global star, but Hollywood stars also had difficulties because the culprit of the leak of private photos was not found.” He explained that Telegram is a very difficult platform to get data on privacy invasion.

Experts also said that even if Telegram provided data, it would be of no use if the hacker registered for Telegram via e-mail (e-mail). The fact is that it is difficult to identify the culprit because anyone with a VPN can easily create an email address. Twitter is also a platform that allows email subscriptions.

Lee Jin-ho also said that the provocation of the hacker in August, saying, “Please sue,” can be seen as a sign of his self-confidence knowing all these facts. Experts said, “It is highly unlikely that the hacker made such a bold photo leak without knowing anything.”

Meanwhile, since last August, a series of photos of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’ V have been leaked online, causing a lot of attention. On the 3rd, YG Entertainment announced that it would take strong legal action, saying, “We filed a complaint in September against the person who first distributed the photo.”

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