Jim Carrey warned a false missile alarm in Hawaii

Los Angeles (dpa) – Actor Jim Carrey (58) spoke about his fear and gratitude he felt during the false missile alarm in Hawaii in 2018. “My assistant Linda called me in tears and told me that I was there were ten minutes left, “Carrey told US talk show host Jimmy Fallon. “It was totally real for us,” said Carrey.


He tried to leave the island with his daughter, but it didn’t work out. Then he went to the beach to spend his last moments facing the ocean. “At this point I started saying: Okay, what can I do with this last moment? I just decided to go through a list of gratitude and, frankly, I couldn’t stop thinking about the wonderful things that happened to me.” reacted when it turned out that the missile alarm was wrong? “I got angry and my heads rolled,” joked Carrey.

The Hawaii Civil Protection Agency (EMA) sent SMS messages to the population in January 2018, warning of a missile that was approaching Hawaii. This announcement was withdrawn shortly thereafter. North Korea had previously tested an ICBM and stated that it could attack the entire American mainland with nuclear warheads.

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Youtube-Video Interview with Carrey


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