Jiyoung Kang KARA, how much weight did you lose? bare back muscles

(Export News Reporter Kim Ye-na) Kang Ji-young caught the eye by showing her back muscles.

Kang Ji-young posted several photos on her Instagram on the 2nd with the caption, “Exercise, exercise cat?

In the published photo, Ji-Young Kang, who is passionate about the Pilates equipment, was put in. You can see the hard work of Ji-Young Kang, who completed her perfect body through constant exercise and self-control.

In particular, he drew admiration from fans by showing his lean body without a single flabby body as well as his established muscles.

Meanwhile, Jiyoung Kang was born in January 1994 and is currently 29 years old (28 years old). After joining KARA in 2008, she began her career in the entertainment industry, and was also actively involved in solo activities in Japan.

KARA’s full comeback is expected in November, raising fans’ anticipation.

Photo = Kang Ji-young’s Instagram

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