Joke called Raksha Samiti editorial madhyamam 2022 October 3 Monday

Within hours of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s declaration of the annexation of four regions of Ukraine, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution condemning it. The resolution was vetoed by Russia, but will soon reach the UN General Assembly. A veto in the Security Council does not mean that the Committee has rejected it; It is evident in the polls. 10 member countries of the 15-member committee voted in favor of the resolution presented by the United States and Albania. Four countries including India abstained. No one but that country came in favor of Russia. The content of the resolution focuses on three points: The international community does not recognize the changes made by Russia on Ukraine’s borders. Condemns the ‘referendum’ he called for and calls on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine. The message sent by the Security Council meeting beyond the Russian veto is that the majority of Security Council member states agree on these three points. The nations of the world express their disapproval of Russia as a stand against aggression and occupation. While Russia says that NATO’s unilateral expansion is a threat to its security, the majority of the Security Council believes that this does not justify Russia’s blatant and blatant injustice and brutality. It can be seen as the general situation of the world stage.

This is where the double standard of the United Nations, the Security Council and Western countries including the United States is very evident. The same people who react violently within hours to an atrocity in the ‘white man’s country’ of Europe have supported with men, arms and influence when similar but more profound and long-lasting injustices are committed against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Palestine. Take the case of Palestine. Last year, 275 civilians, including 61 children and 35 women, were killed in Israel’s attack on Gaza. 40 schools, several hospitals, and according to the United Nations, 94 buildings were all destroyed by the Zionist forces in the Gaza attack. 72,000 people became refugees in the 11-day long attack alone. When the resolution came to the Security Council to condemn Israel’s human rights violations and war crimes, the United States vetoed it. After Russia invaded Ukraine in February this year, the United States convened half a dozen emergency meetings of the Security Council and initiated measures against Russia. During the Israeli attack in Gaza last year, the same United States blocked three Security Council resolutions calling for a ceasefire with Israel in one week. The United States, which is now criticizing Russia’s use of the veto, has used its veto on behalf of Israel 82 times in the Security Council. 43 of them were to defend Israel’s Satanism. The United States and its allies have only encouraged Israel with money, veto, and weapons to commit genocide, immigration and racism in violation of international law, including the Geneva Conventions.

When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the US side took action with harsh sanctions against Russia within hours. A few months later, Israeli forces carried out a massacre in Gaza. 6000 bombs killed 2100 Palestinians. The United States responded to the call for sanctions against Israel by saying that Israel has a right to self-defense. The BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) strategy that the world effectively implements against apartheid in South Africa is equated with ‘anti-Semitic’ branding by the Western powers against apartheid Israel. They are the ones tightening sanctions against Russia, Iran and others for their own interests. Those who raise sanctions and shake the Security Council when the Ukraine annexed territories to Russia do not even see Israel’s crimes of occupying the West Bank including East Jerusalem, occupying the Julan Heights, encroaching on Gaza , and acquiring other people’s territories in violation of the Geneva Agreement through settlements. They are the ones who not only allow but also justify the human rights violations, apartheid and war crimes committed by Israel. It is ridiculous when those who ignore the many resolutions of the Security Council against Israel disperse like pacifists.

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