“Jonny-Louis” delighted with RS Meeting Concert, tickets sold out in minutes, SOLD OUT

almost come 10 years, press the card for a few minutes SOLD OUT!! ready for COLFAhrenheit and Ampon Foods 35 year Present RS Meeting Concert 2022 : Dance Marathon At the end of the year…it’s time to dance

Almost worth the wait 10 a year for a concert that gathers the legendary artists of the time 90s in COLFAhrenheit and Ampon Foods 35 year Current RS Meeting Concert 2022 : Dance Marathon At the end of the year… it’s time to dance.” Today, the official ticket sales are open. SOLD OUT! quickly! because there are fans who #Grow up with RS united to press to buy seats in a landslide To prepare the body to create a phenomenon of happiness, fun, fun with cool dance steps. Eureka hair pin style with dance artists level no 1 than 15 life like birds of prey / Rising Oil / James Ruangsak / Dome Pakorn Lam / Touch Na Takua Thung / Tao Somchai / Nook Suthida / Mome / Basu / Anan Anwa / Vitamin A and surprise guestsvery special this works 2 A young duo Johnny Anwa a Louis Scott A representative came out to reveal the feeling that

“Thank you very much to everyone who came to support us by buying tickets until all seats were sold out. And congratulations to the staff, all the artists, including the fans who will meet. Because this concert is special as it allows everyone to come together. After not seeing each other for a long time.”

Are you Ready? with RS Meeting Concert 2022

“If our physical health is ready But the exercise..not ready yet (laughs), but I assure you that this concert must be fun and full of fast songs, fun songs so that the fans can’t sitting still, but having to get up and dance. .”

What have you prepared to surprise your fans?

“There must be. It was surprising that the fans didn’t establish themselves. For example, who will be the special guest? But it must be covered first. As for the music genre, it has to be adapted. It could be a different mix or tune to RS meeting when almost 10 Last year, to be a variety of different versions. and have more fun.”

Dedicated to the fans #Grow up with RS to meet

“Congratulations to those who pressed the card in time. Because if not, then you might lose it. I am not sure that next time many artists will be older. Tao Somchai or Brother Lift, Brother Aoy Will it be ok? (laughs) Just kidding, prepare your body and let’s have fun together.Saturday 17 December here in ARENA OF IMPACT Muang Thong Thani Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed, it’s fun and worth the price you weigh the card for sure.”

Get ready to receive fun, happiness, and memories that will come back again with the legendary artists of the era. 90s readyFollow the details of the concert at COLFAhrenheit a COOLISM.net

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