Jurin visited Thai Town, Los Angeles, warm welcome from Thai people Meet the UDD fans. NT Pins asked to take a picture.

Jurin Visit Thai Town in Los Angeles Thai people are warmly welcome. Meet the supporters of the Democratic Republic. Filipino tourists ask for a photo.

forward 2 November Jurin Mr Laksanwisit Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade Leader of the Democratic Party with faculty travel to visit Los Angeles United Statesduring the day 31 T.c.-5 P.the. This has an important mission to bring the Thai film business to open the market in the event. American Film Market and Conference (AFM) 2022 In the evening on the day of arrival (date night 31 T.c.2565 time 22.00 N. according to local time) Mr Jurin visited a Thai restaurant in Thai Town. in Los Angeles which is a collection of Thai restaurants as well as various products and services belongs to Thai people

Mr. Jurin walked Greetings to meet Thai people who came to work and open a restaurant in Thai Town, who received a warm response and asked Mr Jurin about past economic conditions During the Covid Crisis The owner of the restaurant said that he was affected by the Covid situation, causing the income to decrease and during this period he needed to adjust the price of goods and services to increase. due to rising raw material costs from the Russian war situationUkraine which affects the cost of raw materials energy and goods up to 50-100%


While he visited Mr. Jurin and the Thai Town area A Filipino tourist came to ask if he was the deputy prime minister from Thailand and asked to take a picture, saying he knew him because he had traveled to Thailand several times.

In addition, there were also Thai people who came to speak and express their joy to meet Mr Jurin. along with asking for a picture One restaurant owner provided information that the price of a la carte food during the post-COVID period must increase by approx 50% to survive and in line with rising raw material prices Afterwards, Mr Jurin and his team stopped by to eat at the restaurant.Hollywood porridgeThis is a Thai restaurant that is popular with Thai people.Asians and Americans Selling many types of Thai food, including khao tom kui. and when the owner of the porridge shop Knowing that the leader of the Democratic Party had come to eat at his own restaurant, he was delighted to meet him by bringing his wife to ask for a souvenir photo. Along with admiring that he was glad that Mr Jurin had come to eat in his restaurant. because of family Both parents are big supporters of the Democrats too.

for the city of Los Angeles It is the largest city with the highest population ranking.2 in the United States and it is one of the economic centers culture and entertainment Los Angeles is located in California. it has a population of approx. 4 a million people About Thai people 150,000 Most of the people who do business are in Thai Town.


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