Justin Bieber – Million lawsuit against prosecutors

Last week, Canadian artist Justin Bieber, 26, was accused by two women of sexual assault. The charges stem from two different Twitter accounts, with prosecutors claiming that the assaults should have occurred back in 2014 and 2015.

One woman, who went by the name Danielle on Twitter, claims Bieber abused her at a hotel in Austin, Texas in 2014. The messages have now been deleted.

Another woman, Kadi, claims she was sexually abused by Bieber at a New York hotel the following year.

Denies the charges

Bieber recently went out and denied the charges on Twitter.

“I don’t normally comment on such things, since I’ve dealt with random charges my entire career, but after talking to my wife and my team, I’ve decided to talk about a problem tonight,” he wrote 22. June.

“Rumors are rumors, but sexual abuse is something I don’t take lightly. I wanted to speak right away, but out of respect for so many victims who have to deal with these issues on a daily basis, I wanted to make sure I had all the facts before I made a statement, ”he wrote.

He has posted on Twitter what he believes is evidence that he was not in the hotels at the time he is accused of committing the abuses. Both news cases, pictures and receipts will prove that the charges are not correct.

“Any allegations of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously, which is why my response was necessary. On the other hand – this story is actually impossible and that is why I want to work with Twitter and the authorities to take legal action, ”he also wrote.

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Now he has done just that, writes BBC. Bieber filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles on Thursday, according to the channel.

The lawsuit is worth $ 20 million, equivalent to NOK 193 million.

The lawsuit claims that the two women “are trying to capitalize on the culture of fear that permeates the entertainment industry, Hollywood and business in America”,

“It’s open season for anyone to make any allegations (no matter how nasty, undocumented and provable false) about anyone without consequences,” the BBC says.

CNN has tried to get a comment from “Kadi” via Twitter, but failed.

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