K-League Player Barrow Player September 1st place… 1st place in the expected score is Jeka

Jeonbuk Hyundai winger Barlow, who won the K-League Player of the Month award for his outstanding performance in September, was also first in the K-League September 1 player ranking.

Barrow ranked first in the K League 1 overall with 15,794 points in the 20th Adidas Top Point in September published by the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 7th.

Adidas Point is a player performance index that combines official records such as runs, penalties, assists, and runs, and various additional records such as dribbling, key pass, cross, loose ball, tackle, interception, and interception and can

In September, Barrow scored 6 goals (9,600 points) and 1 assist (500 points) in 5 games, accumulating 11,890 points in the offensive department alone.

In addition, he scored 1,050 points from seven shots on target and 1,000 points from a goal scored outside the penalty area.

In September, Jin-ho Shin (Pohang, 9,600 points) came second in Adidas Point K League 1, and Jeka (Daegu, 9,424 points) came third.

In the K League 2, defender Hwang Tae-hyeon (12,470 points) was the first place overall, and a player from Seoul E-Land, who swept 13 points with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (12 points, 5 runs ) in September, in the top 20. ‘ There were nine people inside.

Barlow, the September K-League player of the month, is in first place in the player rankings ... 1st place in the expected rating is Jeka

Meanwhile, Jeka (2.90) was the top scorer (xG) for all K League 1 players for the month of September.

Expected goals refers to the probability that a shooting opportunity will result in a goal.

The expected goal value for one shot is 0-1.

A higher total of expected goals scored over a given period or match means more shots are expected to be scored.

Jeka made 15 shots in 5 games in September, scoring just one goal, but it was found that he created the most likely spectacle in front of goal.

Following Jeka, Kyo-Won Han (February 25, Jeonbuk), Ilyuchenko (February 13, Seoul), Barrow (Jeonbuk, 2.09), and Hyeon-Gyu Oh (Suwon, 1.87) placed 2nd to 4th in the expected scoring.

In the team record, Daegu (9.58) came first, followed by Jeonbuk (8.88), Jeju United (6.95), FC Seoul (6.05) and Pohang Steelers (5.90).

In K League 2, Balotelli (Jeonnam, 2.90), Kim Jeong-hwan (E-Tir, 2.40), Kadenasi (E-Tir, 2.33), Thiago (Ansan, 2.23). Park In-hyeok (Jeonnam, 1.88) formed the ‘Top 5’ in the expected score.

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