Kakao Games Ares character suit video released


Kakao Games (CEO Gye-Hyun Jo) released a character suit preview video for the new MMORPG ‘Ares: Rise of Guardians (hereafter Ares)’ on the official website on the 7th. Four male/female characters and a fighting type ‘suit’ were introduced.

Noted for its high-quality graphics, Ares is a multi-platform game based on an almost futuristic worldview. In this game, three-dimensional play is possible through strategic battles where different types of suits are replaced in real time against the background of an immersive world view and a robust story.

Ares characters have various personalities and attractive images for each origin. ‘Vegabond’, warriors who pursue freedom, justice, and honor; ‘Jaeger’, a strong winner who worships power; You can choose one of the ‘innovators’ and decorate the appearance to suit the user’s taste.

Ares can experience a variety of actions by ‘suit changing’, which changes the class according to the suit being worn. Through the suit preview video, ‘Hunter’ wields dual blades and a revolver and boasts agile maneuverability and a flashy attack style, ‘Warlord’ who doesn’t back down from any attacks with hammer and shield, and a wide range of magic skills with staff and magic sword You can check the characteristics of various classes, such as ‘Warlock’, which uses heavy galas and ‘Engineer’ to subdue enemies with blows and fierce shells through the launcher.

Ares is a game produced based on many years of action RPG development knowledge by Second Dive, a developer founded by Ban Seung-cheol, CEO of the ‘Dark Avenger’ series, which recorded 100 million downloads worldwide the world.

Ares: Rise of Guardians suit

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