Kamonchanok broke the good fighters, with a stock of bronze medals, World Fist Championship in Spain.

International Boxing Association of Thailand Under the work of Mr Pichai Chunhavajira, the president of the association, who has a policy to mold and promote young boxers youth – youth national team Continue to become an important force for the national team in the future has sent young male boxers and female join the competition “World Youth Boxing Championships 2022 for Men and Women,” IBA Youth World Championships Men and Women 2022 “between 12 and 27 November 2022 in La Nucia, Spain, with a total of 11 models divided 6 male models and 5 female models, this is a set of boxers Most of them have experience in the International Youth Boxing Circuit – Asian Youth Championships in Amman Jordan in March

Male boxers include: 48 kg Thitiwat Plongurai, 51 kg Wacharakon Chansorn, 57 kg Phisit Paochantuk, 60 kg Chakarin Ekkapatcha , 63.5 kg Model Suparerk Rerkphichit, 71 kg Model, Thananchai Permsap, while the young woman includes a 48 kg model , woman Lallalit Kraisi, model of 52 kg, woman Lalita Chainarong, model of 54 kg Ying Kamonchanok Chupradit, Model 57 kg Female Natnicha Jongprongklang, Model 60 kg. Ying Thararat Promwichai, with Col. Thong Thaweekoon as the head coach along with Ajarn Perk Puengpanya, Narwut Police Station Mae Pleenaram, Sorasak Imsomboon and Police Lieutenant Thanthip Wannaprom are careful.

On the night of November 21, Thai boxers compete in the quarter rounds of 3 models, 54 kg female model Kamonchanok Chupradit meets Janie Badaska, a female boxer from England. As a result, it turns out that the two of them exchanged fierce punches in all 3 rounds. In the end, the referee raised his hand to Kamonchanok Chupradit to win the score 3-2, through to the semi-finals. Stock up on copper coins.

While the 48 kg version, Thitiwat Plongurai meets Rafael Rosano, the host of Spain) throughout the 3 rounds, Thai fighters try to advance. But back to the Spanish boxer Used to hold a punching rhythm many times, completing 3 rounds, Thitiwat lost a score of 0-5, stopping the first round unfortunately.

60 kg model, female Thararat Phromwichai meets Mud van der Thurn, a young Dutch boxer As a result, it became clear that Tararat was at a disadvantage during the fight. make it difficult to pick The first lift is considered to be able to support itself.

Going into the second round, the Thai female fighter was hit by Muud van der Thurn’s fist several times. Causing the referee to stop the fight and let Tararat lose to RSC in the 2nd round, eliminated by 8 other people.

For tonight, November 22, there are 3 pairs of Thai boxers in the quarterfinals, 60 kg, Chakarin Ekkaphatcha meets Kocha Cordulva (Georgia) at 9:45 pm, Model 51 kg, Wachakorn Chansorn meets Marche Pollik ( Poland) at 1: 30 am, Model 71 kg.

Boxing fans can follow, cheer and send encouragement to Thai national youth boxers on the IBA Youtube Channel.

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