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Good news for the American ready-to-wear brand Gap at the close of the New York Stock Exchange this Friday. After entering into a partnership with the brand Yeezy from the American rapper Kanye West for which a line will be launched in 2021, the title of Gap jumped on the New York Stock Exchange this weekend at 42% on a progression of 18,8 % at 12,07 dollars. It should be noted that the American brand which was created in 1969 has had financial difficulties for several years. With the health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the group had its sales cut in half, which has already caused it a loss estimated at more than 900 million dollars.

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The new collaboration with the brand of Kanye West seems to be about to revive this group. In addition, the American rapper Kanye West took no time before rejoicing in a tweet after the announcement of the news relating to the progression of the title of his new partner. It seems that Kanye West found an ideal partner. Already in 2007, he had concluded an agreement with the house Nike. After five years of collaboration, the American rapper and producer Kanye West terminated this partnership in 2013 on the grounds that its share of income was insufficient.

To carry out his mission with Gap, the American star called on the English designer of Nigerian origin Mowalola Ogunlesi 25 years old. She was named creator of the brand’s design. A real springboard for the career of the young designer.

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