Karin L. Beck-Dudley, President and CEO of AACSB international retirement announcement

AACSB International today announced that Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, Chair and CEO, is set to retire After leading the global organization since June 2020, she will continue to serve as Chair and CEO until her retirement in May 2023.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as President and CEO of ACSB over the past two and a half years. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors and volunteers for a long time,” said Mr Beck-Dudley, who is different from business education and in the global society is a real inspiration. We have made a positive change. And I look forward to seeing the full impact of the ACSB portfolio in the coming years.”

during Beck-Dudley’s tenure has led the institution through the epidemic situation AACSB has transformed all its activities and operations from face-to-face to online or blended. He is also overseeing a smooth transition to the adoption of the AACSB Business Accreditation Standards 2020, which underlines the important role that business schools play in creating positive social change through research and community programs. In addition, Mr. Beck-Dudley He is also attaches great importance to developing the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion. and participation and looking at diversity from a global perspective She is a dedicated advocate and speaker to promote the value of business education and accreditation by ACSB around the world. It also emphasizes the importance of partnerships with businesses, government and non-profit organisations. as well as participating in various disciplines for the benefit of society, finally, Mr Beck-Dudley also invested in improving ACSB’s data capabilities. This ensures that stakeholders get insights and tools for thought leaders. Transform business education positively and creatively

“Karin’s unwavering leadership has impressed the ACSB board during the most challenging and unpredictable times for the education, business and social sectors,” said McRae C. Bank. S (McRae C. Banks), Chair of the ACSB Board of Directors and dean of the Brian School of Business and Economics. “Not only did the ACSB survive the pandemic thanks to Carin’s leadership, it also survived the pandemic. But we can continue to thrive despite the impact of COVID and protracted geopolitical challenges. ACSB will continue to accelerate innovation in the business education sector. And it shows that a business school is a force for good in the world.”

AACSB is recruiting an executive recruiting firm to help oversee the recruitment of a new chair and CEO.

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As the world’s largest business education network, AACSB International connects teachers, learners and businesses. To achieve the same goal, which is to produce quality business leaders for society. ACSB has reflected the highest standards of excellence since 1916. ACSB provides quality assurance services. Providing business education information and professional development services to more than 1,800 member institutions and over 950 accredited business schools worldwide ACSB has offices in Tampa, Florida, USA, Amsterdam. The Netherlands and Singapore. For more information, visit aacsb.edu.

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