Kikron K3 LP Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard: Dana and DPG Diffy My Heart

There are a large number of mechanical keyboards, depending on the size, arrangement, RGB, and housing (case) as well as the switches used. If you add all brands to this, it is difficult to count the number, but most of them are set up for the Windows environment. Although there are no separate keyboards for Windows and Mac, most of them are set up for use in Windows if you look at the engraving of the keycaps along with the special keys (function, function keys) that can be used in all environments.

The Keycron K3 D3 keyboard introduced in this time is completely set up so that it can be used in a Mac environment along with Windows, which is a little different from the current method. Since it is connected via a USB cable or Bluetooth, it can be used on mobile devices such as iOS and Android. The Keycron K3 uses an LP (Low Profile) switch, which is much lower in height than a typical MX switch, and supports a hot-swappable method that allows not only keycaps but also switches to be replaced easily

Not only K3, but also other products for Mac users, Kikron is a brand that is preferred by those who have used a variety of keyboards rather than beginners. Personally, this is the first time I’ve ever used a Kichron product, so I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s take a closer look at the look, function and feel of the product.

The whole box is wrapped in plastic.

In addition to the LP switch, the keyboard box is also much smaller than other products because it is a small arrangement of 75% of 84 keys. On the side of the box, information about the keyboard and LED type switch is written. Even in one product, there are many types depending on the keyboard housing, the type of switch, the keycap, and LED, so the choice is quite wide. For those new to mechanical keyboards, it can be difficult or confusing, but for keyboard enthusiasts, it’s more than welcome.

The K3 keyboard has a choice of switches (gateron, keyron optical axis), and hot-swappable and LED (RGB, white) can be selected here. You can choose 3 types of Blue/Brown/Red for LP Gateron and Kichron switches.

Includes keyboard, Type-C cable, extra keycaps, keycap puller, switch puller, quick guide and instruction manual.

In addition to the quick guide, the manual also provides detailed instructions on how to use the product along with its functions. It’s been a long time since I put so much effort into a product. Satisfaction rises sharply because we value parts such as product packaging, components and manuals as important. Judging by the fact that there is even a Kicron user group, it seems that there are many Linux users as well.

A keyboard cover is also included, with additional keycaps available for Windows. If it was another product, the default keycap would have installed Windwos keycaps or used the method of engraving a single keycap, but Keychron separates Mac / Windwos with additional keycaps.

It’s a pretty cute design with a smaller size than the 87keyless tenkeyless array. I like the tenkeyless design the most, but the smaller the keyboard, the prettier it looks.

You can see the option and command keys, which are hard to see in Windows. I also just bought a Mac, so I’m still more used to the Win key and the ALT keycaps than these keys.

There are 5 non-slip silicone on the bottom.

On the top side, there is a Type-C port, an LED to check the battery status, and a switch to change the keyboard mode. Even if you connect a cable, you need to adjust the switch to use it in wired mode, and you can also turn off the keyboard to use the battery. In the case of Windows and Mac, the key settings for the function keys and the function keys used are different, so this part must also be selected according to the environment in which it is used.

If you buy a dedicated pouch or case, it’s light enough to carry around. If you go to a cafe, you can see that there are quite a few people who use a separate keyboard like this not only for their MacBooks but also for their iPads.

The two height adjustable feet are non-slip.

Using the LP switch and keycaps, the height of the keyboard is slightly lower than the height of a 100 won coin, and is quite slim to the point of being slightly taller than a coin by standing on a tall leg .

Although Step Sculpture 2 isn’t applied to the keycap, it’s slanted rather than straight like a pentagraph, so you can type a little more conveniently.

The K3 has a neat design that doesn’t feature a separate enclosure.

The basic keycaps are tailored to Mac OS, and the key mapping is applied the same as the MacBook.

Home, end, page up/down, and del keys are all convenient for editing documents along with the right down arrow key. Although there is not much difference between the 87-key tenkeyless keyboard and the number of keys, it is a small series of 75%, so if you use it for the first time, it will take some time to get used to him .

In addition to the orange dot keycaps, we also provide keycaps suitable for Windows users, making it much cleaner to use. The K3 is an LP type, and unlike general keycaps, it is not sold separately, so I commend you for adding keycaps like this, as playing with keycaps is limited.

The keycap was made by applying UV paint to the ABS material and burning the part with a laser. It was nice to have extra keycaps provided, but the material of the keycaps was very disappointing. As mentioned earlier, I think it would have been better if the PBT material was used because the keycaps cannot be replaced separately.

The keycaps can be easily removed with the puller included in the basic kit. The LP keycron switch has a cross-shaped protrusion in the middle, so the keycaps used in general MX switches can be installed. If you use the same profile keycaps as commonly used Cherry, OEM, and DSA, the unique feel of the LP switch is very different.

The switch can also be easily removed with the puller. It is visible in the picture in an optical way rather than a general point of contact. PT AC When the light sensor is blocked in the part, the key is entered directly.

By changing the keycaps, you can use it in the same arrangement as a normal keyboard.

You can use the functions used in the MacBook, such as screen brightness, controls, apps, LED light level, track movement, and sound control.

Up to 3 Bluetooth connections are supported, and when pairing with a device, press the Fn key and the corresponding button (1,2,3) at the same time for about 4 seconds to enter the pairing mode with the LED blinking slowly. Once the registration is complete, you can switch devices with one short press. When using Bluetooth mode, be sure to set the switch to Bluetooth mode.

In order to use the battery more efficiently, a power saving mode can be set, and the user can choose the time arbitrarily.

fn+S+L+ Oh : Turn on/off power saving mode

fn+S+L+ R : 10 minute sleep mode setting

fn+S+L+ T : 20 minute sleep mode setting

fn+S+L+ Y : 30 minutes of setting sleep mode

fn+F+J : Start keyboard settings (press about 3-4 seconds)

If you choose cable mode and connect a Type-C cable, you can use it in wired mode and charge at the same time. The keyboard turns red when charging and turns green when fully charged. I’m sorry about the location of this LED. Probably due to the design of the keyboard, it was inconvenient to have to lift the keyboard to check the current status of the battery or charge.

Cable mode is ready to use out of the box.

Press fn + 1 for about 4 seconds and the LED will blink slowly to indicate pairing mode.

After checking the Keychron K3 on the MacBook, you can register it.

It feels like a dedicated keyboard because the width matches the 13-inch MacBook perfectly.

Multi-pairing can be used on all three MacBooks, iPads, and Android smartphones.

It can be used without distinction between iOS and Android. When searching on Netflix or YouTube, typing on the keyboard is much faster and more convenient than using touch. ^^

I like the single LED more than the RGB, so I liked it. Unlike me, if you want a colorful LED effect, buy a model that supports RGB.

The caps lock lock is indicated by a red LED.

The amount of LED light was also at a level that did not interfere with use at all.

◆ Kikron K3 D3 white LED video

A total of 17 different modes are supported by one white LED. You can adjust the brightness of the keyboard, but it’s a little disappointing that you can’t adjust the speed of each mode for each mode.

◆ Kichron K3 D3 Optical LP video blue keying

Although basically blue, overall noise was low due to the low pressure and short stroke. I heard a little spring sound when I pressed the key and then released it. It’s not as big as the MX series switches, but if you don’t like this part, I recommend choosing a red axis switch. The aluminum top plate and viki style structure made it clear that some unity was felt, but this part was not too disturbing. It was light and soft compared to the general blue shaft, but the sound of the stabilizer was well captured even without separate lubrication, so I was satisfied with this part.

Nowadays, the purpose of typing fun while tapping the keyboard is growing, not only as an input device, so products that use a variety of switches are increasing. The K3 Kikron keyboard introduced this time also has a special switch called LP (Low Profile), which is much lower than the general keyboard height and light in weight. The keykron LP blue switch has less squeal than the conventional (blue) click switch, so I could feel a slightly cleaner feel. I haven’t tried brown and red meat, but expect them to have a similar feel.

This is my first time using the Keychron keyboard, and the components and finish were quite decent. Above all, the friendly manual and various functions were quite impressive. If you use Mac and Windows system together, I believe it is a product that can take care of design, function and feel. We will finish with the pros and cons of the product.


1. Various options are provided (switch, LED)

2. Wired, Bluetooth (pairing 3 units) supported

3. fully support Mac and Windows with keycaps

4. Soft feel and low noise (blue tone)

5. Good finish and completeness


1. The LED for checking the battery is on the top side, so it is difficult to check at once

2. ABS keycaps

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