Kim Ha-seong hits 2 RBI in wedge vs. Colorado … Darvish 16th season win

Kim Ha-seong. ⓒ AFP=News1


(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Lee Sang-cheol = Kim Ha-seong (27) hit a lucky shot at two-run time and contributed to the victory of the San Diego Padres.

Kim Ha-seong started as the 7th shortstop batter against the Colorado Rockies in Colorado Rockies Major League (MLB) 2022 held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, USA on the 25th (Korea time) and was active with 1 hit, 1 walk and 2 RBI in 3 at-bats led San Diego to a 9-3 win

San Diego, which escaped the crisis of three straight losses, finished second in the National League Wild Card with 84 wins and 68 losses, revealing the hope of advancing to the postseason.

Kim Ha-seong, who added two RBIs, recorded 90 RBIs in his MLB career, leaving just 10 RBIs to 100. His batting average for the season was 0.248.

Kim Ha-seong, who retired the pitcher in the second and fourth innings, took a walk and walked to base after a full-count game by opposing starting pitcher Chad Kool in the second half of the sixth. an innings. However, the following hitter Trent Grisham failed to advance with a swing and a strikeout.

San Diego scored 6 points in the early 7th inning against 3-2, but Kim Ha-seong also hit a wedge.

San Diego took three runs with Jake Cronenworth’s two-run double and Josh Bell’s walk-off, and Kim Ha-sung took the plate with a one-run groundout.

Kim Ha-seong hit the bat with a sinker 97 miles (about 156.1 km) in the fifth pitch off opposing third pitcher Chad Smith in two balls, two strikes.

The bat rose high after one goal, but Colorado shortstop Eekiel Toba moved forward to catch it and throw it back. As the ball rolled into the outfield, San Diego third baseman Cronenworth and second baseman Brandon Drury stepped home, while first baseman Bell headed to third. He recorded the score with a hit by Ha-Sung Kim, and Ha-Sung Kim scored two RBI.

Kim Ha-seong was later forced out at second when a ground ball reached Grisham’s infield, but third base runner Bell touched home, and San Diego went on a 9-2 run.

San Diego starting pitcher Darvish Yu pitched 6 innings with 5 hits (1 homer), 1 walk, 8 strikeouts and 2 runs, and posted his 16th win (7 loss) of the season. After reeling off six consecutive victories against the Kansas City Royals on August 28, he set the record for most wins in a single season in 10 years since 2012 (16-9), his first season in the major leagues.

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