‘Kim Jun-ho ♥’ Kim Ji-min’s pregnancy support “It’s your turn next”… I’m not even married

(Export News Reporter Kim Ye-na) Broadcaster Hong Hyun-hee cheered Kim Ji-min’s pregnancy.

Kim Ji-min recently drew attention by leaving a comment on Hong Hyun-hee’s Instagram post.

Before that, Hong Hyun-hee left a picture of her going to singer Lee Moon-se’s concert. In the photo, Hong Hyun-hee wears a white raincoat and holds a luminous stick, conveying an exciting atmosphere.

Kim Ji-min, who saw this, mistook the glow stick for a pregnancy test, and left a comment, “I was surprised to find out that I had a second child immediately”, drawing sympathy from netizens. Below the comments left by Jimin Kim, answers like “I’m not the only one who’s surprised”, “I was surprised too” and “It’s really funny” followed.

At this time, Hong Hyeon-hee said, “Next is the turn of the mini-mouse (Kim Ji-min),” and followed the tone of Kim Ji-min’s public lover, Kim Jun-ho, leaving a comment, causing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-min has been dating Kim Jun-ho since last April. The two have opened up the dating process through various entertainment programs, generating warm congratulations and support from the public.

Photo = Kim Ji-min, Hong Hyun-hee’s Instagram

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