Kim Soo Hyun is coming to Thailand to join the Lotus Meet & Greet event.

a famous young actor Kim Soo Hyun Show up at Incheon International Airport currently traveling to join the scheduled activities in Thailand

In the morning of October 1, several news agencies in South Korea reported the news. ready to store photos of Kim Soo Hyun who travels to Thailand Which refers to dressing in a casual look and greeting the press with a bright expression

Kim Soo Hyun Airport 6

In this trip to Thailand from Kim Soo Hyun He came for the event. Meet and Greet with ‘Kim Soo Hyun’ After Lotus has organized activities Gold Campaign and Lifestyle For Lotus customers, 3,800 fans will attend the event. The event will be held on October 2 at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani.

The incident received a lot of attention from netizens in Korea. Because the format of the activity is different from the general format, which is usually buying albums or merchandise. come and buy gold Those who participate in the event to win a Meet & Greet with young actors must accumulate the balance by investing in buying gold in accordance with the conditions of the activity. The number of investment purchases on the TOP10 list have all been more than 7 digits, especially those who have accumulated number 1 with a total gold purchase as high as 4.7 million baht.

Kim Soo Hyun Lotus PosterKim Soo Hyun Lotus Poster

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