Know the 4 “anti-aging foods” that you can eat every day in your daily life.

Anyone wants to know anti aging food Can it really help slow the decline of aging?

Indeed, the food menu in our daily life, vegetables, fruit, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins if eaten together helps.boost immunity build healthy anti-aging cellsthus helping to slow down aging

These foods have been with humans for a long time. But some people eat too little. or eating unbalanced especially in the busyness. Changes in society, stress, eating-sleeping-resting, imbalance are all factors that stimulate the deterioration of the body.

Foods high in vitamin C help slow aging (Cr:

Especially young people may see it as a distant thing. until neglecting to take care of yourself allowing stress to build up not eating properly can be a catalyst for cell degeneration Old age may come too soon.

Miss Yaowthida Thepsiri nutrition expert and owner of the page RICE BOX to provide advice and information onnutrients that can be a factor that promotes anti aging and help support holistic skin care and skin care especially for young working people Prevention is better than cure

Miss Yaowthida Thepsiri

Ms. Yaowthida Thepsiri provide information that

“Old age may come at an age we are not aware of. for anti aging medicine Aging is not just a result of aging. But it can also be caused by a variety of factors, such as eating fried food, grilling, sweet food, pollution, various smoke dust, stress, lack of rest, and lack of regular exercise.

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C (Cr:

All these factors cause free radicals. which destroys cells in the body to degenerate The more degenerates, the more it means the body can get oldernutrientsIt’s a part that can helpcan prevent degeneration It also promotes good health. And give the skin a beautiful, radiant, healthy look too.

so he should knownutrientsimportant in 4 anti-aging foods Then start paying attention to improving physical health and skin to look younger than your age as follows:

1 vitamin C Popular antioxidants boost immunity ready to help relieve allergy symptoms and also help Prevents various viral and bacterial infections. It also affectsslow agingbecause partHelps build collagen, slows down aging and reduce the incidence of aging wrinkles

It is advisable to take small but frequent doses of vitamin C at a time due to the limited absorption of vitamin C. You should get 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day, but no more than 2000 milligrams.

Foods that contain vitamin C: in anti aging food Help protect the skin and prevent scurvy. Makes the blood vessels clean, blood flows well. make your skin bright Found in fruits and vegetables such as strawberries. Blackcurrants, Broccoli, Chili, Brussels sprouts, Kale, Tomato, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Guava, Papaya, Kiwi, etc.

Seafood with astaxanthin (Cr:

Astaxanthin Anti-aging ingredients that should not be overlooked.high in antioxidantsMore than 100-500 times more than other substances, helping to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hyperlipidemia.

when getting old It can help reduce wrinkles by helping to increase skin moisture and elasticity. Foods that provide large amounts of astaxanthin and are popular are: Haematococcus algae (Haematococcus red algae)

Orange, red shellfish contain astaxanthin (Cr:

Foods that contain astaxanthin: Astaxanthin is a group of carotenoids. A red substance that is common in nature, in the muscles, eggs of marine animals such as salmon, trout, caviar, krill (krill), shrimp, crab, lobster, and red algae. Different, for example, 200 grams of salmon contains 1 mg of astaxanthin.

A new study finds Natural salmon contains more astaxanthin than farmed salmon, for example, Atlantic salmon contains 6-8 mg of astaxanthin (per 1 kg) Japanese trout can be found up to 25 m. g per 1 kg.


There is currently a lot of research on how astaxanthin works. Tests on athletes, patients and the elderly found it to be the most effective antioxidant. But there are quite a few side effects.

In addition, astaxanthin in food is not much. And eating too much marine life can affect cholesterol levels. Therefore, astaxanthin is produced in the form of a dietary supplement. Some add collagen, prebiotics and other nutrients to improve their performance. But there are signs. It is always recommended to consult your doctor, pharmacist or nutritionist first.

Flaxseeds add prebiotics (Cr:

prebiotics Good health starts with a good gut. Therefore, creating an environment in the gut for microbes to thrive is inevitable. The prebiotics are food for microorganisms. and help maintain the balance of microorganisms in the body Some prebiotics can also help reduce acne and age spots. More than one source of prebiotics per day should be taken.

Asparagus contains prebiotics (Cr:

Foods with prebiotics: is one of anti aging food They are present in our daily diet as Jerusalem artichokes (corn kernels), garlic, onions, asparagus, bananas, apples, barley, oats, linseed, cocoa, seaweed, wheat bran.

Collagen Helps to create healthy glowing skin Because collagen is 75% of the skin, which increases the elasticity and strength of the skin. ready to help slow down bone mass breakdown Reduces brittle nails Including helping joint health in the elderly

As we age, collagen decreases and deteriorates. leading to wrinkles and aging So to slow down the aging process. Collagen should be chosen that is small for quick absorption. There is a lock in the arrangement of amino acids that help the skin and increase the glaze in the knee joint.

Animal bone broth contains collagen (Cr:

Collagen foods: Helps to promote the function of collagen tissue cells, thereforeanti aging food Found in bone broth (fish, pork, beef, chicken), chicken, fish and shellfish, garlic, egg whites, citrus fruits, berries, avocados, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, tomatoes, bell peppers .

Egg white boosts collagen (Cr:

Miss Yaowthida Thepsiri he added that other than filling anti aging food which is beneficial to the body Health should be taken care of in other areas, such as avoiding sweet and salty foods that cause inflammation in the body Drink clean water and get enough rest every day.

Berries boost collagen (Cr:

Find time to exercise regularly. This includes avoiding or preventing direct exposure to sunlight and reducing stress. for the most effective anti-aging

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