Korea-Germany Industrial Cooperation Dialogue Seeks Joint Response to US Deflation Act

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on the 30th that it is holding the ‘Second Korean-German Industrial Cooperation Dialogue’ with the German Federal Ministry for the Economy and Climate Protection at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jung-gu and discussed the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the supply chain crisis, and industrial decarbonisation. .

Both countries, as major car producers, shared their views on the car industry’s difficulties due to the IRA and sought a joint response plan.

The IRA distinguishes between US and foreign electric vehicles.

Last year, Korea was fifth in the world with 3.46 million units, and Germany was sixth with 3.35 million units.

The two countries also shared the perception that the supply chain crisis was a serious situation and shared opinions on collaborative measures to respond to the supply chain.

In addition, they shared the view that the two countries, which have an industrial structure focused on manufacturing, need to cooperate closely in promoting the global task of industrial decarbonisation, and ways of expanding cooperation were discussed in the field of technological innovation to realize carbon neutrality. .

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