Kou master from 90: will we wait a dozen years? To the bass and to solitude!

If you said then, we would wait as long as you would go straight to the bass. And solitary! laughs Kenny Dalglish, the hero of Liverpool, in the fourth broadcast of the BT Sport television station.

Slav club watch the wife docal. And he didn’t start, he gained championship confidence on Thursday thanks to Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City.

After thirty long years, pay again: Liverpool, the ampion of England.

And it’s not one day, in Dalglish. From the moment he drove to the Jrgen Klopp club, he will have a fantastic time. He displaces everything Liverpool means. She appreciates and respects everyone in the club.

Klopp has been a coach for less than five years. Dalglish, now nine years old, has joined Liverpool for so much of his life.

Between 1977 and 1985 as a great tonk. Dalch is years as a trenr player. In 2011 he rode once on the Liverpool bench, celebrated eight titles at the club, and devt won as Blackburn.

Klopp’s hand. It’s indescribable what we did, he moved on TV

This toy bag, Kenny, come on. We all admire, he melted, moved by Klopp in a TV interview. You had to wait aside for a long time.

Ever since Liverpool last dominated the English league, tinctkrt rejoiced at its biggest rival, Manchester United. Chelsea picked up the match, Arsenal and Manchester City raised. Leeds, Blackburn and Leicester also have one victory.

I think as long as Jrgen is in the dark, we’re going to have a lot of fun, said Dalglish. And they joined clubs and legends.

Graeme Souness, Dalglish’s teammate at the turn of his seventies and eighties, also worked on Anfield Road between 1991 and 1994 as a coach: It’s not just this season. Liverpool’s current weather is extraordinary. For dnho soupee not funny against them hrt. Do it all. When you put together your commitment and the quality they have, it’s a must-have.

Ian Rush, only golden darkness from the 1989/90 season. A fantastic shooter, the best in club history: Liverpool now has an excellent sms experience and a billion Nm in the club have always said that the hardest part is to defend them, but at the same time they have very good prospects for five or five years.

Jamie Carragher, who spent the whole career on Anfield, would not win the title. He played 737 in the club: After the first two seasons, I didn’t know Klopp that I could win the title with Liverpool, but it is best for me to admit that I was wrong. This team will want to imitate Manchester City, defending the league. I would say that one championship season thle part will not happen.

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