LA BOUM pleases music fans for a full 8 hours, part of the proceeds being donated to the Cancer Foundation.

arrange to stimulate tourism from Phetchaburi — Prachuap And bring part of the profits to be given to the National Cancer Foundation. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 3, at the beachfront area of ​​the Dusit Thani Hua Hin hotel.

“LA BOUM Vintage Beach Festival” (La Boom Vintage Beach Festival), a nostalgic music festival inviting you to return to enjoy the beautiful songs of the nostalgic 80s again. in a private beach atmosphere With more than 30 of your favorite artists like The Palace & Pu-Anchalee Chongkhadikit, full of famous singer-musicians like Jeed-Sunthorn Sujaritchan (Royal Sprites), Jip-Wasu Sangsingkeaw (Wong Ploy), Saichon Radomkit ( The Innocent ), Ton-Wongsakorn Rasmitat (Macintosh), Toey-Ronaphop Akkarat (Inca), Chuet-Montri Kittikalp (Forever) and Peace of Mind (The Innocent)

along with the band The Billboard & Ping Fruity, Chompoo-Sutthipong Watanachang, there is also Pom Autobahn, including “Saow Sao Saow” Am Saowaluck Leelabutr, Mam Patcharida Wattana and Pum-Orawan Yenpoonsuk. There is also the legendary duo Byrd & Heart Bunnag Adar-Kulpong and Heart-Sutthipong. Thad Pitakkun As for individual artists, it was vigorously assembled, such as Tam-Charus Fuengaram, Pun-Paiboonkiat Keawkaew, Ton-suchat Chawangkun, Oui-Rawiwan Jinda, Mom Laconic, F. Nord-Sopchai Kraiyourasen, Pramote Vilepana and Ant Emotion Town

Not Nuti Khemayothin, one of the organizers of the company Longan Soundtrack revealed “This La Boom Vintage Beach Festival Concert Music Festival project, myself, including Bird Kulphong and Peck Sanchai, have been thinking about it for a long time. But stuck during the COVID epidemic When I saw that the COVID started to subside The content of the government unlocked and loosened various measures So we took what we had in mind and started working together. collecting artists

which are many artists You are already familiar with people in the 80s and 90s. It is considered a compilation full of happiness with the songs of the past throughout the show for more than 8 hours.. Watch a concert Generations Can younger come to listen to fun songs together. We believe that the songs of the elders There must have been artists in the past, younger generations have heard it too.

Because these songs are immortal songs that have survived across generations and generations to this day. As well as concerts that collect famous songs from the past, including pop, rock and disco. also enjoy famous outdoor movies of that time in private by the sea and have fun

Shop at Vintage Market which has food stalls, souvenirs and various vintage products. to choose to buy also The concert will be held on Saturday, December 3, between 4:00 pm and 12:00 pm at the Dusit Thani Hua Hin Hotel Part of the proceeds from ticket sales. is donated to the National Cancer Institute

It is called having fun and also having merit. The ticket price starts at just 2,000 baht.” #LABOUM #VintageBeachFestival #80sMusicIcon #RetroConcert Let’s create a legend. Bringing life back to the 80s again with the festival. 80’s music music festival gathering musical people.

LA BOUM pleases music fans for a full 8 hours, part of the proceeds being donated to the Cancer Foundation.

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