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In hot weather, the 2020 Latvian MTB marathon season started on Sunday in Tome. In the traditional “MySport” Tome MTB marathon, about 270 cyclists ran a distance of 50 kilometers, which was divided into two laps. The organizers had taken care of a fairly fast and dynamic track. The biggest challenge for the participants was the high heat and sand.

From the very first meters, a very active pace was maintained at the head of the competition. During the first lap, a group of four riders took part. It included Oskars Muižnieks, Uldis Ālītis, Lauris Purniņš (” DTG – MySport ”) and Māris Bogdanovičs (” Dobeles dzirnavnieks / FeelFree ”). The quartet’s advantage over the followers with Kaspars Sergis in the lead reached more than 1 minute.

Uldis Ālītis lagged behind the leader group in the second round due to technical problems. Meanwhile, Oskars Muižnieks managed to break away from Bogdanovičs and Purniņš in one of the distance stages. The Latvian champion in the MTB marathon knew how to maintain his lead until the finish, celebrating a safe solo victory. The closest follower Māris Bogdanovičs (” Dobeles dzirnavnieks / FeelFree ”) was overtaken by the manor by 51.2 seconds. Meanwhile, Lauris Purniņš won the third place (+00: 01: 26).

Kaspars Serģis (” Patria Bottecchia ”), Reinis Andrijanovs (” Dobeles dzirnavnieks / FeelFree ”) and Gints Lūsis (” DTG – MySport ”) also won the best six places. Maris Bogdanovičs (V20), Oskars Muižnieks (V30), Zigmārs Zučiks (V40) and Dzintars Osītis (V50) remained unbeatable in the age groups.

Katrīna Jaunslaviete – Kipure, representing the “ZZK” team, won the women’s competition safely, beating the second place winner Anita Antoni from the Baldone cycling team by 2 minutes and 27 seconds. The trio was concluded by Laura Ramane (Bauska cycling team). The winners of the age groups were Katrīna Jaunslaviete – Kipure, Laura Ramane, Ilona Lavrenova and Anita Muižniece.

The “DTG – MySport” men remained unbeaten in the team standings, followed by “Dobeles dzirnavnieks / FeelFree” and “Hawaii Express / Aerify” units.

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