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Lange futures afternoon report: futures stop falling and rebounding, the spot is mostly stable

On the 22nd, thread futures opened at 3665 at 3710 at 2301, the highest at 3714 and the lowest at 3661, up 42 or 1.15%;Hot rolling2301 open 3756 close 3795 high 3806 low 3750 up 34 or 0.90%;iron oreShi 2301 opened at 744 noon and closed at 738.5, with a maximum of 747.5 and a minimum of 729.5 or 1 or 0.14%; raw materialscokeIt opened 2301 2712 closed at 2725, the high 2744 the low rose 2697 5 or 0.18%;

Regarding spot goods: the price of the domestic market today is mainly fixed, specifically

Beijing Market:RebarThe price is 3670 yuan, fixed;

Hangzhou Market: rebar price is 3780 yuan; fixed;

Xi’an Market: rebar price is 3850 yuan, fixed;

Wuhan Market: rebar price is 3860 yuan, fixed;

Chengdu Market: The price of rebar is 3970 yuan, fixed.

According to Lange Iron and Steel Network monitoring, as of press time, the average price of 25mm third-grade rebar in the top ten major cities in the country is 3,826 yuan, an increase of 2 yuan from the previous trading day.

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