Last year’s Madrid champion “Real” is not in the semi-finals, “Alba” takes a step towards German gold – Basketball –

Real Madrid’s balance before tonight’s games was 2-2, which only took third place in the subgroup, which meant that their own destiny was not in the hands of the champions of the last two seasons – they had to win not only themselves, but also help from the sidelines. Real’s worst-case scenario came true, and Madrid’s basketball players knew before they left the field that they could no longer enter the semifinals.

“Real” has been out of the semi-finals for the first time since 2008, when the regular season was won, but in the first round they lost a shocking number eight to Malaga. In the semi – finals will be played “Valencia”, with 97:81 defeated “Gran Canaria” and guaranteed first place in the subgroup, as well as “Burgos”, which with 88:86 beat Andorra in a tense match. Burgos beat Real Madrid in a mutual match.

Burgos has only been playing in the ACB League since 2017, and has not managed to break into even the top ten in the two seasons so far. Now Burgos will be able to participate Final 4, which will also play the already mentioned “Valencia”, as well as “Barcelona” and “Baskonia”. In turn, “Real” was able to receive and surpassed “Zaragoza” – 94:88. It was a weak consolation, and Zaragoza quickly broke the gap in the last quarter.

ACB final tournament

A rump U WITH +/- Group B. U WITH +/-
Barcelona 4 1 +32 Valencia 4 1 +49
Baskonia 3 2 +23 Burgos 3 2 +4
Unicaja 3 2 +23 Real Madrid 3 2 +9
Youth 2 3 -6 Gran canaria 2 3 -23
Tenerife 2 3 -26 Andorra 2 3 +2
Bilbao 2 3 -47 Zaragoza 1 4 -41

The first game of the final in the German Bundesliga – Berlin “Alba” with 88:65 defeated Ludwigsburg’s MHP Riesen. Given that gold will be played in the sum of two matches, the capital unit is very close to triumph. Alba have not won since 2008, but have had to settle for a loss in the final against Bayern Munich in the last two seasons.

The key to success was the team game – seven basketball players scored ten or more points. The leaders with 14 points were the team leader Martins Hermansons, who also has six assists, and the Lithuanian striker Roks Giedraitis, who added five rebounds to 14 points. The second game will take place in two days.

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