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LAS CRUCES, NM (AP) – New Mexico State University has announced that classes will be entirely online after the Thanksgiving break and that the beginning of college fall will not be held in person due to coronavirus restrictions. The Las Cruces Sun-News reports that university president John Floros said Wednesday that the university interviewed students, faculty, and staff from the Las Cruces campus about returning after the break. The lessons currently online are not expected to change. Two weeks remain in the fall semester following the holidays. The campus will remain open after Thanksgiving to provide accommodation, dining and other services. The college plans to return to classes in person after the December break.


SANTA FE, NM (AP) – State lawmakers are listening to school leaders about their ideas on how New Mexico can fulfill its obligation under a court order to provide adequate education for all students. Speakers told members of the Legislative Finance Committee on Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic has brought schools back in terms of staffing, enrollment, testing and school time. These setbacks are slowing the state’s efforts to meet court-ordered mandates to improve education for at-risk students. This includes students learning English, Native Americans, and those with mobility or learning difficulties.


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) – New Mexico’s commercial racecourse and casinos have come up with a proposal for an expansion to include Internet gaming, 24-hour casino operations, and unlimited video slot machines and table games. Sunland Park racecourse and casino officials are scheduled Thursday afternoon to testify before the Legislative Finance Committee on the industry review in New Mexico. Any changes would likely undermine the state’s agreements with the Native American tribes who run the casinos. The tracks and casinos say they have been hit hard by the pandemic. Spectators were kept out of the stands and casinos were banned from reopening, unlike tribal casinos.

SANTA FE, NM (AP) – New Mexico state government income defied expectations amid the pandemic by increasing slightly during the fiscal year ended June 30, but state economists warned Wednesday of a highly unpredictable future for state finances. In an unusual statement, four state economists said on Wednesday that they were unable to pinpoint how much income the state is likely to receive during current and future fiscal years to support public education, health care, public safety. and other crucial services. State government income can range from $ 6.8 billion to $ 7.6 billion over the next fiscal year – with current annual spending obligations of $ 7.2 billion.

LOS ALAMOS, NM (AP) – A $ 105 million contract has been awarded to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build a next-generation supercomputer that will be used by the federal government for its nuclear management programs. The Crossroads supercomputer will be based as Los Alamos National Laboratory in northern New Mexico. Scientists from the Sandia and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories will also use the machine for work related to the nation’s nuclear stocks and other weapons research. Officials say Crossroads will have four times the system performance of its predecessor, the Trinity supercomputer. It will consist of Intel processors that will be able to move data faster.

ALAMOGORGO, NM (AP) – The warring Cowboys for Trump leader who has attracted criticism for online racist videos has been banned from a New Mexico tribal reservation. The Alamogordo Daily News reports that the Mescalero Apache tribe announced Monday that Couy Griffin is no longer allowed on tribal land following a video released by Griffin via the Cowboys for Trump Facebook page. One video showed Griffin receiving a blessing where he said. “Bring it to Nancy Pelosi,” in a reference to the Speaker of the Democratic Chamber. Another video, which has since been deleted, featured members of the tribe making accusations against the tribe. Griffin was criticized in July for telling NFL players to “go back to Africa”.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) – A decade-long battle for rights on the Jemez River has taken another turn. The question before the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals was whether the mere extension of Spanish authority in the American Southwest centuries ago extinguished the aboriginal rights to water of indigenous communities. On Tuesday a panel of three judges overturned a lower court decision, ruling that Spain should take formal action to extinguish rights, such as reducing or changing water use. The parties in the case claim that the resolution of that point could affect the outcome. The district court will be responsible for handling further proceedings.


LANSING, Michigan (AP) – Twelve Democratic governors have issued a joint statement in defense of American democracy, vowing that every vote will be counted in the election after President Donald Trump sowed distrust during the first presidential debate. Trump claimed without evidence Tuesday night that mail-order voting was ripe for fraud and refused to say whether he would accept the results. Governors said on Wednesday that efforts to ballot or reject a peaceful transfer of power “are nothing more than an attack on democracy.” Governors of Michigan, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico and Delaware signed the statement.

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