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Latest news, sports, business and entertainment from New Mexico at 4:20 pm MDT


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) – The Albuquerque police chief says he’s prioritizing the search for the suspect who reportedly drove a vehicle against racial injustice protesters near the University of New Mexico campus. No one was injured in Friday’s accident. Albuquerque police chief Harold Medina said Saturday in a statement that the city “will not tolerate this kind of behavior”. Protesters claim the driver was vilifying them before driving through the crowd. They had gathered for a third night of protests after a grand jury in Louisville, Kentucky decided not to indict any of the officers directly involved in Breonna Taylor’s death.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) – Albuquerque police say the latest in a series of criminal investigations across the city has resulted in 36 arrests, including many suspects with a history of gun violence. Police Chief Harold Medina said on Saturday that the “anti-crime operation” has resulted in 151 arrests since August 19. Most of the 36 criminals arrested Wednesday through Friday during the fourth edition of the crackdown have a criminal record for firearms. violence and crimes against property. Agents and investigators authorized 53 crime warrants, made 20 crime arrests; recovered nine firearms, nine stolen vehicles, and released 183 citations.

CARLSBAD, NM (AP) – An American energy investment firm has pledged $ 8.5 million to develop oil and gas assets in the Permian basin owned by Shell Oil Co. This month’s announcement by US Energy Development Corp. to acquire interest in a well project near the state line between New Mexico and Texas indicates that some operations are looking to expand their presence in what is still considered one of the most productive oil fields in the country. The Carlsbad Current-Argus reports that the project will address part of what government scientists have identified as the largest continuous resource of oil and gas in history.

PHOENIX (AP) – The Navajo Nation does not let go of the fight against what it says are illegal hemp farms grown through the labor of immigrants. Tribal member and operation leader Dineh Benally says his commercial partnership with a Las Vegas dispensary has provided dozens of jobs across the vast reservation that includes parts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. A New Mexico judge, however, passed a temporary restraining order last week that prevents Benally from running the Shiprock area farms. Benally called the ruling disappointing and damaging to the Navajo Nation’s economy. He says more than 200 tribe members are employed there.


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) – The chief of staff of the outgoing Albuquerque Chief of Police has been cleared of charges of misusing a city credit card and getting an inappropriate pay raise. The Albuquerque Police Department announced Friday the results of an internal investigation into John Ross, Chief of Staff to Chief Mike Geier. Geier’s secretary in July accused Ross of using the city-issued card for personal purchases such as a $ 2,500 laptop. According to the investigation, Ross only committed a minor offense. He did not list the purchase of two items on the card within the three days required of their acquisition.

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – A federal judge ruled that the Trump administration’s chief public land administrator served illegally and prevented him from continuing in the position. US District Judge Brian Morris said Friday that acting director of the Bureau of Land Management William Perry Pendley was never confirmed in the post by the US Senate as required by the Constitution and served illegally for 424 days. The ruling marks the latest pushback against the administration’s practice of holding key positions without US Senate approval. The Democratic governor of Montana sued to remove Pendley. The agency oversees nearly a quarter of a billion acres of land, mainly in the western United States.

BERNALILLO, NM (AP) – The New Mexico state climatologist says the fingerprints of climate change are evident in the persistent drought afflicting the American Southwest. Dave DuBois says drylands are getting drier due to a semi-permanent high pressure system in the West that has gotten stronger in recent years. During an online briefing on Thursday, he also warned that the region should be prepared for warmer temperatures and less rainfall in the fall and winter. In Nevada, forecasters continue to track a record-breaking dry streak for Las Vegas as their colleagues in Arizona hope for a break from record heat next week.


ZUNI PUEBLO, NM (AP) – A hand-carved figure held sacred by a Native American community in New Mexico has been returned to the tribe from an Ohio auction house. Cowan’s Auctions announced Thursday that the 15-inch sculpture of a war god Zuni Pueblo was returned in late August after being discovered in a property collection that had been delivered to the auction house. The wood carvings of the god of war are ceremonially brought to the shrines of the tribal lands where they are left to return to the elements. Over the years, many have been illegally removed and made their way to museums and private collections. Zuni Pueblo has recovered more than 100.


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