Launch! Sasuke Retsuden is a solo manga series by Sasuke.

confirm the official launch Sasuke Retsuden Sasuke’s solo manga ready to be read together around the world October 23

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famous Japanese manga Naruto, also known as ninja sorcery, ohhehe, the team behind the anime and manga has surprised fans with that. The first manga that tells the story of Sasuke Uchiha will be called Sasuke Retsuden.

The story of the manga takes place following the Ninja War in Naruto Shippuden, where Masashi Kishimoto drew the cover of the manga and Jun Isaka (June) drew the manga (Esaka) as the author of the story.

which is the rough story It takes place after the end of the ninja war 4. The ninja world returns to peace. But then one day, the war hero, Naruto, has some illness. which made him unable to use the chakra

It is the duty of former Team 7 Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi to set out to find a cure for Naruto’s disease. that the story will be cute and romantic than the main story It focuses on the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura.

However, Masashi Kishimoto will only draw the cover of the manga. Shingo Kimura is responsible for drawing the manga, and will release an English version on November 22.

Launch!  Sasuke Retsuden, Sasuke solo manga |  News from Taiger

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