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Malayalee’s favorite reality show Top Singer is just a few hours away from reaching the audience. The opening night of the show will be broadcast on Flowers TV from 6 pm today, with a stunning array of colorful visuals. (best singer of season 3 today)

The third season of the Best Singer starts from today to thrill the audience. On the opening night of the last three season auditions, the audience will find out who the child talents will move to in the third season. Flowers ready to finish the spring season of the song.

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Flowers Top Singer is known as a favorite reality show for Malayalis. Flowers Top Singer, featuring children’s play and laughter along with beautiful songs that yearn to be heard, has gained a lot of acceptance among the Malayali audience in a short time.

This time also, children selected through auditions organized in different districts of Kerala for talented singers will reach the competition stage. Air on Flowers Best Singer from Monday to Thursday from 8 to 9 PM. Singer MG Sreekumar, singer Anuradha Sreeram, Binny Krishnakumar and music director Rahul Raj are the judges for season 3. Seethalakshmi won the lead singer trophy in the first season. In the second season, Serenand became victorious.

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