Led by a great Herro, Miami takes down Boston and opens the doors to the finals – NBA

With 37 points behind rookie Tyler Herro, the Heat dominated the Celtics last night in the Disney World bubble and led 3-1 in the Eastern Finals.

Miami in the final? In any case, Erik Spoelstra’s players are in an excellent position after the victory over Boston (112-109) last night in Lake Buena Vista, in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. They are leading 3-1 before Game 5, on the night between Friday and Saturday (2:30). The highlight of this match is neither Jimmy Butler (24 points), nor Goran Dragic (22 points) or Bam Adebayo (20 points, 12 points), but a rookie, Tyler Herro. At the height of his 20s, the former Kentucky student finished with 37 points (14/21 shooting, including 5/10 from distance). So far, only Magic Johnson (1980), Derrick Rose (2009) and Brandon Jennings (2010) had scored 30 points or more in the play-offs at 20 years or months. Golden hands, coolness and a veteran game science … Pat Riley and company had a hollow nose selecting 13th place in the last Draft … Celtics side, we will highlight Jayson Tatum’s 28 points, all recorded … in the second half. Thunderous awakening … 21 points for Jaylen Brown, 20 for Kemba Walker and 14 for the ghost Gordon Hayward. 10 points and 11 assists for Marcus Smart. In a short time of 12 lengths in the second period, the Cs paid their 19 ball losses in cash (versus 8).

If the two teams surrendered blow for blow in the first quarter, the second saw the Miami defense prevail over the Boston attack (50-42). Eight turnovers for the Celtics in this second quarter, with a 0 point Tatum at rest (0/6). Clumsy from afar, like the C’s elsewhere, the Floridians haven’t been able to make the hole. They led 50-44 after a closed first period, without rhythm, with already three players at 10 points and more, Herro (15), Butler (11) and Adebayo (10). The trend was confirmed in the recovery, with a three-point address for Miami (Butler, Dragic) and combativeness at all levels (60-48). Address, Boston in turn found (Tatum, Brown, Hayward) to be collected (66-63). But it was above all Tatum’s awakening that changed everything (77-76 at the end of the 3rd QT), with 16 points in the third quarter. Bravo Brad Stevens to let him play despite the fourth foul.

Boston does not give up, but …

Now in place, C have completed their “comeback” by leading for the first time from 25-24 to the start of the second quarter (84-85). It was to be expected, this series is subscribed to suspense … Miami took advantage of Boston’s loss of ball and Herro’s state of grace to take the reins (95-87). That Herro planted three points on Smart’s nose (98-90)! Strong, very strong … Obviously the Celtics haven’t given up yet (98-95), but their ball losses (7 in the 4th QT) weighed them down again … After a triple from Tatum (102-98), Miami sanctioned Smart Ball by two more points from Herro with 56 ” 7 from the end, well found by Butler in the circle (107-98). Tatum revived the suspense in three points (107-101) and an interception. After several situations reviewed by the referees on video, Brown found himself on the corner (107-104) with 16 seconds to play. Two out of two throws for Herro (109-104), three out of three for Walker (109-107). Another 9 “2 on the clock. And more throws, this time for Butler (111-107). Walker missed by three points, Hayward picked up the crumbs (111-109) and Butler missed a shot (112-109) , but it was left there (112-109 final score).


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