Lee Jae-myung and Kim Yong-yong reappointed vice president of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea… Park Jin-young and Hyun Geun-taek also joined

Evaluation of the process of establishing a ‘pro-government system’ completed by CEO Lee by spot appointment

Kim Yong, who is known as the ‘reconsideration’ of Lee Jae-myung, has been appointed vice president of the Democratic Research Institute, a think tank of the Democratic Party of Korea.

A Democratic Party official said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 30th, “Former Director Kim has been appointed full-time vice president of the Democracy Institute.

Director Kim served as a spokesperson for the Gyeonggi Provincial Government and is known as ‘Lee Jae-myung’s mouth’.

Former speaker Park Jin-young, who was a former full-time spokesperson of the Democratic Party and served as a spokesperson for the election, also joined as vice president.

Park’s former spokesman resigned from his position as spokesman for last year’s presidential election because of a message from the SNS defending Lee’s drunken driving history.

There are other members of the “pro-name” family (pro-Lee Jae-myung), such as Hyun Geun-taek, former spokesman for the election, and Lee Yeon-hee, former head of strategy at the Association’s strategic headquarters. election committee, also named as vice-presidents.

It is known that Lee will be appointed full-time vice presidents, and former spokesmen Park and Hyun will be appointed part-time vice presidents.

Representative Noh Woong-rae was retained as president of the Institute for Democracy.

It is evaluated that the establishment of Lee’s ‘pro-government system’ through the appointment of the party has been completed with the merger of Kim Yong-yong, the former head of the Institute for Democracy.

Lee’s representatives, dubbed the ‘three cores of the Seongnam and Gyeonggi lines’, also joined the party representative office and the parliamentary office.

Former Gyeonggi Provincial Policy Office Director Jeong Jin-sang and former Gyeonggi Province spokesman Kim Nam-joon were appointed to the party’s representative political affairs office, and former Gyeonggi Provincial Government Secretary Kim Hyun-ji works as an assistant in lawmaker Lee’s office Jae-myung.

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