Legend has it that Casemiro must feel this way with Erik ten Hag for sure.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand and famous football guru note that now Casemiro it should feel Eric Ten Hag Certainly disrespectful to him because he didn’t get a chance to start the field as he should have, according to metro.co.uk on October 4, 2022.

After moving to help Man Ulalive football results Casemiro, on the other hand, has rarely had the opportunity to play in the field. With the Brazilian national team starting only Europa League games, Rio Ferdinand thinks the 30-year-old is starting to feel under-respected by the other manager.

Rio Ferdinand He said “Casemiro, he didn’t really get enough chances, he only started against weaker teams in the Europa League. He has not played when he is perfectly fit. And I think his physical condition could now have worsened further. But he also has to adapt quickly to Premier League games.”


“For me Casemiro is very experienced, but he has to sit on the sidelines. I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought he didn’t get enough respect from the manager. Because he’s won the Champions League five times now, he’s looked down upon.”

“I’ve heard that Casemiro has to play with a friend who can help him chase the ball. And not being able to play with Bruno and Eriksen, but on the other hand He has played with very slow midfielders like Modric and Kroos before, and I think he knows exactly where to go on the field.

However, Manchester United brought in Casemiro to help play.ball programFrom Real Madrid last summer. With a fee of up to 70 million pounds, but now he is the only replacement for Scott McTominay.

Thanks for the information from: metro.co.uk

News photo: AFP

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