Lessons for under-14s begin on May 18, for the elderly on …

The classes are divided and taught in shifts. There will be no school work before summer and no more sitting around for elementary school students.

Minister of Education Heinz Faßmann presented the step-by-step plan for opening schools on Friday.

  • As already known, it will start on May 4th with lessons for school-leavers and students in the final grades at vocational schools and vocational middle schools.
  • The pupils from 6 to 14 years – those at the elementary schools, lower secondary schools, new middle schools and special schools – will follow on May 18.
  • For all other students, classes start on 3rd of June.
  • As the “press” reported on Thursday, the Classes in two groups divided. Group A is at school from Monday to Wednesday, Group B on Thursday and Friday. The next week it is the other way round. The days at home are “homework days”. If necessary, childcare is also available at school for these days.
  • The Timetables are largely preserved. Afternoon classes are omitted, as are music and gymnastics classes. And: “The pace of learning is reduced,” emphasized Faßmann.
  • Basis for the Grading are first and foremost the half-year report, but also the performance before closing, distance learning and the lessons that come now is included. School work no longer takes place before summer. If students want to improve, oral exams are possible.
  • There is none for elementary school students Remain seated, unless requested by parents. In the other schools, students with one five and in any case with several five can advance according to the decision of the class conference.
  • Students with previous illnesses or those with relatives at risk are considered excused. This also applies to teachers who present a certificate.
  • Students must wear masks on their way through schools, but not in class. A “Hygiene manual” regulates these and other requirements such as washing hands and keeping clear in detail. More on this
  • Fassmann requests the operators of Kindergartensto accept all children who need care, regardless of their professional background or confirmation from the employer. The Ministry of Health also published a decree on Friday: The provincial governors are to issue an ordinance to ensure that “all childcare options are ensured and offered for all children”. More on this

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