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Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) finished the 2022 Singapore F1 Grand Prix final in ninth place. But he said he wouldn’t blame himself for the race-ruining mistake.

Lewis Hamilton, who started from 3rd on the grid, lost control and nosed into the barrier midway through the race while chasing Carlos Sainz Jr. (Scuderia Ferrari). Although he was able to continue the race, his front wing was damaged and had to be replaced.

Lewis Hamilton managed to combine that pit stop with a change to slicks, but he took a long time throughout that episode, falling from 4th to 9th, eventually finishing the race in that position in the paddy field .

“That’s when I knew it was all over,” Lewis Hamilton said when asked about the mistake.

“But that’s what happened. I don’t blame myself for my mistakes.”

“I think it’s very difficult conditions for everyone and whatever problems we have with this car, I think it’s going to be worse when it’s raining and wet. It’s n very difficult to drive in the rain. It’s a car.”
Asked if he lost control when the car bottomed out like Max Verstappen, Hamilton said: “I’m not sure. We’ll look at the data.”

“I don’t want to blame that, but the car was bottoming out a lot and locking up, so I don’t know where the locking came from.”

Initially, Lewis Hamilton thought he had escaped without damaging his wing.

“The first few corners felt normal, but then the sparks started flying and I thought I had failed.”

Lewis Hamilton’s race took a turn for the worse when Carlos Sainz Jr. passed. in the first corner at the beginning. He said on the radio that he was being pushed around, but insisted that he did not want Sainz to take the penalty.

“There were no problems,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“The race. The only reason I mentioned it was because I didn’t want people to think I was off the track. There’s a bollard on the far right. That was the only reason.”

After being passed by Carlos Sainz Jr., Lewis Hamilton was stuck for a large part of the race and lost the opportunity to fight the race winners Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari).

“It was a difficult start in a way and of course I got stuck behind Carlos. I was sitting behind him.”

“I think I could have done similar times to the drivers in front, but I couldn’t because I was stuck behind him. If I was third, I think I could have followed the guys in front.”

Lewis Hamilton also explained that he had complained about a lack of grip on the radio early in the race, saying, ‘You were talking about this tyre.

“I went around the grid with the scrubbed inters and put the new inters on, it was terrible. It took a few laps to get the temperature up. For some reason, Achi, I can’t get the tires to fire as fast as other teams,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“Whether it’s wet or slick. I don’t know why. But maybe it’s something with the temperature. If you look at the long runs in the dry, the longevity is long.”

Asked if he saw anything positive from the weekend, Hamilton said: “I definitely had that moment with the car this weekend and I don’t think it’s too bad. The car is getting a bit hit and miss,” he said.

“I think there are definitely positives to come out of this weekend. It’s a shame we didn’t score points for the team. I think we could have scored three points for the team probably, but I’d take it.”

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