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A woman in Guangzhou bought a cactus at home, watered it, fertilized it, and took good care of it. One night, the cactus suddenly broke, and when I saw the hollow in the middle, it became clear that the whole cactus was made of plastic.

“Fake” and “imitation” are also Chinese names, but they still sound a little different. “Simulation” seems to be more honest than “fake”. For example, for a vegetarian feast, the menu is full of “meat dishes” Those who cook these dishes will use the word “imitation” instead of “fake”. But in reality, eating an “imitation” dish and eating a “fake” dish mean the same thing, and there is no difference.

As for “faking”, although it is deceptive, it is often more technically challenging. Just like the cactus bought by the Guangzhou woman mentioned above, it is clearly “fake”, but because the “loyalty” is very high, it can trick people into watering and fertilizing it.

Cactus plants are particularly hardy, as long as the climate is not too cold, and generally speaking, they will grow when they are bent and placed in the mud. Just like the Epiphyllum I planted in my house, I just cut a leaf from a friend’s house, put it in a flower pot at home, and put it on the balcony Plants, if the small pot can’t hold it, the bigger pot after about two years, it will start to “flash in the pan”. “present one” means that the flowering period is very short, only one night, only a few hours. But after the “one-shot”, the flower buds continued to appear, and the flowers continued to bloom, so it would reappear after the show ended. It showed four times this summer, but it seems normal.

Decades ago, it was popular in Shanghai for a while to grow prickly pear cactus at home. Tropical plants need special care in the winter. Shanghai is too cold in the winter. The planters will also use transparent plastic sheets to make greenhouses, along with light bulbs to warm, to prevent the cacti from freezing to death. People who succeed in planting are always very proud, and when they are in bloom, they will invite friends to enjoy them together. It was still a time when I didn’t know much. I would remember something special when I saw it So when I talk about cactus today, I will think of the excitement when several friends got together in a small room to watch the cactus The mood is very similar to the first time last year when I called my friends over to see a flash in the pan. At that time, the cacti were real.
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