Recently, the theater film “The King of Heaven” is being shown in major theaters. The film is directed by Yuan Benli and starring Gong Zheng, Tao Hong, Lian Shuangyue and others. This time actor Lian Shuangyue played Shi Mazi, the No. 1 traitor in the play, and his wonderful performance added a unique aspect to the film.

Lian Shuangyue’s interpretation of traitor Shi Mazi’s bad deeds is absolutely hated

The film “The King of Heaven” has a strong plot and super reversal. It tells the story of the Chinese northeastern hunter joining the anti-Japanese coalition army and fighting the Japanese army. The actor Lian Shuangyue played the traitor Shi Mazi in the film this time, a big villain who led the Japanese invasion. He was injured in his left eye and wore very recognizable small sunglasses in the film. Lian Shuangyue played the role of Shi Mazi. He played so vividly, and his bones were bad. He was full of lies to deceive the villagers, tortured the old widows alive in the frozen snow, and killed a lot of innocent compatriots, and his teeth were itchy and hated. It was too late to be frozen to death by the anti-Japanese coalition forces, but was shot and killed by the Japanese army first, and got what the traitor deserved. This role gave Lian Shuangyue a lot of room to play, and many people on the set praised him as a good actor.

The shooting conditions were cold and hard. Lian Shuangyue insisted on exercising and dedicated shooting

It is understood that in an interview, the director stated that the filming conditions for the film “The King of Heaven” were very difficult. It was shot in Xiaoxinganling at minus 20 degrees. In order to make the film more textured, the whole process of gun rain was real. The actors all played in person. The actor Lian Shuangyue was very dedicated during the shooting, and never complained no matter how difficult the conditions were, and insisted on exercising every day to ensure a good physical fitness to meet the daily shooting work.

Lian Shuangyue keeps his original intention to focus on performing skills, and has a solid future.

In recent years, the actor Lian Shuangyue (formerly known as Lianchi) has appeared in many excellent film and television works. He has a wide range of dramas. Whether he is a good person or a villain, a policeman or a doctor, a handsome man or a funny guy, he uses pure The acting skills can be switched freely among many roles, which has been recognized by many directors in the industry. He has played Xiao Fei in “Towards the Cannon Fire” cooperating with Wu Qilong, as a policeman in “Big Cat Chasing Love” cooperating with Hai Qing and Chen Sicheng, and Qiu Guoping in “Life and Death Liping” cooperating with He Shengming and Su Qing. Li Jun is played in “The Name of the Law”, a collaboration with Li Youbin and Zhang Fengyi. The film works as Dr. Wang and others in “Get Out of the Tumor”, which is a collaboration with Wu Yanzu and Bai Baihe. Lian Shuangyue will bring more wonderful film and television works to the audience, let us wait and see.


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