Linda Cristal dies, goodbye to western stars as they rode together and to the Arizona borders

Goodbye to Beautiful Crystal, Argentine actress and famous performer of Hollywood classic westerns, from They rode together of John Ford to the television series On the borders of Arizona. She retired from the scene as early as the 1980s, she passed away in Beverly Hills on June 27, at the age of 89 for natural causes. His death was announced by his son Jordan Wesxler in the New York Times. He had three husbands and a relationship with Adam West, the actor in the “Batman” series.

Linda Cristal’s career

The Crystal was born Marta Victoria Moya Burges in Buenos Aires, February 23, 1931, and was of French father and Italian mother. Still very young, she had moved with her family to Urugay, but her parents died when she was only 13 years old, apparently from a double suicide by car carbon monoxide poisoning. Dorante a holiday in Mexico with his brother, was discovered by the film producer and director Miguel Alemán Velasco, son of the president, and began shooting several films in Spanish. The Hollywood debut came with “The Comanches saga”. Since then, Cristal has acted mainly in western films. The two most famous titles remain “They rode together”, alongside James Stewart (in the role of Elena de la Madriaga, Mexican noblewoman kidnapped by the Comanche), and “The battle and Alamo“by and with John Wayne. In his filmography, also the role of the famous Queen of Egypt in the Italian film”The legions of Cleopatra “by Vittorio Cottafavi and another Italian title set in antiquity, “The woman of the pharaohs”. Also in Italy, he worked in “The green flags of Allah”. He starred for Blake Edwards in “Licensed in Paris” (for which he won a Golden Globe) and with Charles Bronson in “A hard face”.

Linda Cristal on television

On the small screen, she was Victoria Cannon in the series “On the Borders of Arizona”, for which she won the Golden Globe in 1970 for best actress in a television drama. In the well-known soap opera “General Hospital” was Dimitra, his last role. He spent the rest of his life away from the sets between his residences in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and Buenos Aires.

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