“LIONS THANK YOU FESTA 2022” has ended successfully! Announcing a new home uniform too! |Seibu Saitama Lions

Today, November 23rd (water) THANK YOU FESTA 2022 has ended successfully. A big thank you to all the fans who came to the Belluna Dome and all the fans who participated online!

Diolch Festa was colored this year with themes such as the revival of the contact project for the first time in three years and the “Shidate Lions Academy”. There was laughter, tears, and new announcements. What kind of scene was the color of one act of everyone’s memories?

In the home economics class “Guess the manma lion!”, players in aprons believed in their tongues and compared eating “manma lion”, and in the music class “Music Is”, they played an intro quiz with familiar songs ! In addition, I hope all the fans enjoyed the “Shishi Museum” art time, where the artists took the brush and drew their friends dressed as popular characters and celebrities. In the history class “Lions Legend Talk”, former director Tsuji took the stage and this is the best time to touch the history of the Lions.

In the final physical education phase, the “class battle”, as the name suggests, all participating athletes scatter sparks in a class competition, jump rope, go on tires, and etc. This is Festa Thank You! So much excitement.
There was also a retirement ceremony at the end, and I think it was a packed day, from the opening oath of the players to sending the players off the final list.

Also, the uniforms to be worn from next season were unveiled, and it was announced that the 2023 season will be contested with the new home kit.

Lions took part in the highlight series this season, but took one more step and drank tears. Next season, we will fight to win the best in Japan with a new uniform and a new system.
We look forward to the continued support of our fans in the 2023 season!

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