Listen first. “Boy Pakorn” clears instead. Where is the good crew? Rumors to fight until the band broke up.

and a main character with a mustache “Pakorn Boy” That day will talk about the path of flirting with Faye Pornpawee as a girlfriend. Is this person serious until the official launch? Mother is fine and also wants to have a family, wants to hold grandchildren, both of them 9 years apart, but the boy said there have never been any barriers about age, all grown up, talking for about a year , if being a child. love for 4 months only

and if asked Is there a picture of the wedding in your head? Boyd said, “Just getting together, it’s too far. Dating Faye, we’re serious, I’m already looking for a long time. If the pair continue like this I’ve already looked at it for a long time.” “It’s nice to meet you Faye. Thank you for giving me a chance to get to know each other. I hope we get to know each other like this, gradually refining. Let us get to know each other like this and walk with each other like this and continue to go far.”

and the one everyone has been waiting for It’s a story about a group of good people who scatter, there is a rumor about a debate, is it true that Boy is a representative of the young people in the group?

“We used to do a show together. I think there are people who work together. quarrel Last time, when the season was over, Naek went their separate ways. It is also a flag and there is a real problem with queues. After the show ended, we still went to eat normally.”

by reuniting because “it’s me, the beginning is not that I’m the first I’m a better beginner. I sit and watch youtube all the time, it’s funny to think about the old moments gathered together. Once a month we meet twice. Usually, careers here are hard to combine. Different people go to film dramas, gather for the show, and then go eat and sit and tease each other. I feel like I’ve been failed”

However, the show has returned to filming. Also it has already started broadcasting. Mostly, this is a variety that has the same substance. Because the list of good people names has 2 meanings: where to find good people. a place to do good And the other meaning is that 5 young people who are good people are not good people. Emphasis on playing the last game to do good together, said Boyd.

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