[????LIVE] Jung HaeIn’s Open Talk ‘Connect’ㅣ???? Busan International Film Festival BIFF 2022 (Director Kim Hye-jun, Miike Takashi)


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On October 6, 2022, an open conversation of the Disney Plus original series ‘Connect’ was held on the outdoor stage of the Busan Cinema Center.
‘Connect’ is a dark fantasy thriller in which a new human with an immortal body, ‘Connect’ Dong-su, follows him after learning that one of his eyes has been transplanted into a serial killer.

The Disney+ original series ‘Connect’ open conversation was held at BIFF Theater, Busan Cinema Center, on October 6, 2022.
‘Connect’ is a dark fantasy thriller where Dong-Soo (Jung Hae In), a new human with an immortal body, loses an eye to a human trafficking organization. After discovering that his eye has been operated on a famous serial killer, Dong-Soo goes after him brutally.

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