LIVE | Radboud tests operation of blood pressure reducer against corona | Inland

View here the live blog of Friday 17 April.

Cardiologists from Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen are investigating whether a high blood pressure medication can be used in the treatment of the coronavirus. The commonly prescribed drug Valsertan may prevent severe fluid buildup in the lungs at Covid-19, which can keep many patients from intensive care.

More than six hundred patients, spread over ten to fifteen hospitals in the country, participate. Within six months, the researchers want to conclude whether Valsartan can cause fewer people to have or die in intensive care.

In many critically ill corona patients, fluid escapes from the blood vessels into the lungs, causing fluid to build up and they need to go to ICU for ventilation. The cardiologists will examine whether the use of Valsartan prevents fluid accumulation in the lungs.

Radboud university medical center has already started the research, for which the financing has not yet been completed. If the drug proves to work, it can be applied quickly.

The main points:


  • Moscow Mayor extends curfew until May 1
  • Nearly fifty underage refugees from Greek camps have flown to Germany.
  • Death toll Germany rises with 242 new deaths to over 4,000
  • Vodka against corona: sales increase by sixty percent
  • Number of coronavirus deaths in the UK rises to 14,576
  • Ramadan flightFor stranded expats from the Netherlands to Turkey
  • Number of new infections in Spain increases by 5252: highest since week




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