LLL new genre NC shooter video and development secrets released


NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin) released the first gameplay video of the new PC / console game ‘LLL’ on the 14th. LLL is a new triple A class work that is being developed with the goal of being released in 2024. It is characterized by combining two genres, a 3rd person shooter and an MMORPG.

NC explained that it is developing a free open world experience, cooperation between players, and strategic battles as key elements. A fine sense of control targeting various targets is required, and the strategic use of special weapons in the right place is the key to fighting LLL.

The video was created as an in-game play screen. You can look at the core elements of a shooting game, such as shooting, movement, exploration, and multiplayer. You can also catch a glimpse of LLL’s story in the SF-style backdrop of sweeping mutants that appeared in ruined Seoul.

Jaehyun Bae LLL Director of Development

An interview video with Bae Jae-hyeon, LLL’s head of development, was also released. “We repeat various efforts and development to make a fun game with a combination of sci-fi, shooting, MMO, and open world,” said Bae, head of development, “said.

He explained the world’s view of the work. LLL is a so-called ‘What if’ worldview that imagines a world where history has changed because of an event in the past. Bae, head of development, introduced, “The world of this work is a world where destroyed Seoul, the Byzantium Empire in the 10th century, and the distant future in the 23rd century are mixed together.”

He mentioned that LLL’s worldview starts with two questions. Bae, head of development, said that the development started with the question of “If technology develops without limits, will the definition of human change?” and “What will happen if groups with a large technological gap meet each other?”

He emphasized that various technical efforts are being made to maximize the sense of reality and immersion. Since it’s a shooting genre, we tried to make it feel like a real gun shoot. It was submitted that a lot of attention was paid to detail, from aligning the aiming point and the muzzle so the player can aim at the intended target, and arranging the character’s posture correctly, to the animation of the gun’s operation.

Finally, Bae, the head of development, ended by saying, “I spend a lot of time developing and thinking about making a fun game,” and “I will work hard to provide a build that users can play .”

Meanwhile, the NC intends to reflect user feedback on this LLL video in game development through ‘NCing’, an open R&D development culture. In the future, the process of applying user feedback to game development will be shared through various content such as developer interviews (DevTalks) and response to comments.

Choi Eun-sing, Hankyung.com game chat reporter

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